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Usually when I'm looking at a game page, in the top right there's an option to "rate this game".  However, I saw one that said "rate this bad game".  Why?

I loved this, it was great and so, so creative.  The story made me sad.  Perhaps an epilogue?

I can't seem to progress or leave dialogue from the two people outside.  However, I absolutely love what I've seen so far - I like the aesthetic and art a lot, and the music complements the atmosphere very well.  This is an excellent try for a first game and I hope I see more from  you.

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I like the vaporwave Hotline Miami aesthetic, and the "rewind" feature is a nice and interesting touch.  The split between pixel art for the text, background, and certain scenes (looking at the screenshots) and full digital art for the portraits is an interesting choice, as well. Looking forward to the full release!

Really cute!  I played it until the end and I enjoyed it.  It was a little frustrating, however - sometimes the keys wouldn't respond, or the "eraser" blocks were so tight together that it was better to die and start over than to try to erase a mistakenly-gotten gender block.  

However, the gameplay was unique and cute, and the message was nice.  I liked it.

This is a really, really fun game!  I would love to see online play.

This game has good aesthetic appeal, but I wish it were easier to control. The controls were very unintuitive, and I feel like they only worked 25% of the time - for example, opening the blue pamphlet was a bitch and a half, as was turning on the phone (the hitbox of the power button was so, so small!) This game absolutely has potential and I'm excited to see how you develop it further. :)

Really creative way to use this engine, I dig it!

I really like this, but couldn't figure out the puzzle in the big room with the two bathrooms. :( Really good, though!

Absolutely lovely game. Played this with my friends for Indie Game Night, and they all loved it as well; just the right amount of humor, interest, and thought put into this game. Nice work!