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Not bad. Or should I say not good?


No. Yes.


RocketPods community ยท Created a new topic RocketPods Ranks

Ranks are earned from experience, which is based on performance of each playthrough. 

0. Unqualified     (less than 0 exp)
1. Beginner     (0 - 999 exp)
2. Novice     (1000 - 1999 exp)
3. Amateur     (2000 - 4999 exp)
4. Professional     (5000 - 9999 exp)
5. Expert     (10,000 - 49,000 exp)
6. Master     (50,000 - 249,999 exp)
7. Legend     (250,000 - 499,999 exp)
8. Wizard     (greater than 500,000 exp)

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Submissions should be Spring themed. The palette is optional. 
Games that fail to incorporate a "Spring" theme will probably be removed.

UPDATE: We've clarified and put the rules in the prompt when someone submits a game to this jam. There's also a required Spring-related question to reinforce the fact that this is a Spring-themed jam.


That won't happen again. :)

We can upload music somewhere

Thanks for finding bug

Yeah, that's fine (I think)!

Thanks for the kind words! :) 

We'll see about bringing this to mobile. 

Thanks, Goodgis! ;)


Look for a special wall. ;)

Sweet! Look forward to playing game.

Looks cool so far. :D

Nice! I got 36.

Sรญ, claro. :D


Sure. That shouldn't be a problem.


Added it to the Game Jam description!

Nice job!

Okay. Marked this one as "Solved"

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Nice job :)

We like the gliding mechanic

Awesome! Feel free to let the community know in advance when you're streaming so everyone can tune in. :)

Sure, it's fine if you just give the graphics an autumn colored theme and look.

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hey guys. we finally fixed our Discord problem. feel free to join.

Hey everyone,

Our Discord channel has been kicking new members for no apparent reason. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if it's still happening, and we'll try to resolve the issue.

Good luck to everyone in the jam!

Yep! :)

It's just the name. But the theme is AUTUMN, so please try to stick with that. :)



Nice! At first, I was eating the ๐Ÿ’ฉ :P

Will be adding in consumables most likely in an update or so


Hey there,

We still want to add your game to our jam page (apologies for delay!). Could you send us an attachment or link to game file, and a thumbnail (650x350 pixels) to the following e-mail address?


Nice job! Fun concept! Thanks for joining the comp. Let us know if you want this on the #GreatWinterGameJam web page.

For some reason it didn't reply, but we uploaded your game about a week ago. :)