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A member registered Jun 09, 2020

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After the last update I get a message about the savegame being corrupted. It blocks the main screen buttons and it won't allow me to start a new game. I can't do anything else and I have to alt-tab and quit the game manually. When I restart it the problem recurrs. 

I tried to look for the save game in the game folder, documents folder and subfolders, and the unders folder but I could not identify it so I can't erase the offending file. An option to delete the save game or to restart with a fresh savegame would alleviate the problem. 

Awesome! Thanks!

Is there a way to prevent the game from trying to use controllers? A button or a config redit I can use?

I have a set of analog controllers I use for flight sims. They drift, which is not a problem in flight sims, but this type of game take any input as a "1", which means I need to disconnect them every time I want to play this game. 

I'm looking forward to playing more of this game, but it is a hassle to dive under my desk every time I want to do so. :D