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I totally forgot about that.. Thank you!

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Hello all! It's my great pleasure to announce a major update to Legacy! This game is still in pre-alpha so the price is reduced for people like me who like to get to experience the project as it progresses. This update does bring nudity as you have to outfit your people, this includes exploring, gathering and crafting to outfit your tribe. I look forward to chatting with you about the project in our community! See you there!

Legacy community · Created a new topic Be Aware!
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Please keep in mind this is a pre-alpha release. Yes, you can fall off the edge of the world, etc.. If you mess something up beyond repair you can delete your save file and start over. Also each major update and any weekly updates for the next month or so will have a fresh save file.

Search for a file called: save.v032.TylerIsAFK.dat

Location on Mac OS: Users > 'UserName' > Library > Application Support > Firedanger > Legacy

Location on Windows: C:\Users\'UserName'\AppData\LocalLow\Firedanger\Legacy

This is only for the time being. A save reset will be implemented before long.

Legacy community · Created a new topic Questions?

Please leave any questions you have about the game here.

I love the graphics! Absolutely gorgeous. Just a thought, right click to place a building seems a bit odd. And my barracks aren't making troops.. my poor workers are pulling double duty! But great work! Can't wait to see more.