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Found a bug:

At the end of chapter 3 I had given a hero group the task to attack a camp. While they were on their way, I successfully completed the final fight for chapter 3. Following to chapter 4, some of the heroes of the attack group have retired. 
In chapter 4 one of the heroes was on his way to attack the camp, despite his retirement. I can't abort the command and when it comes to attack the game breaks down while generating the playing field.

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Completely honest: Totally random. The age does reset even between chapters. For example i could hire one of my legacy chars in chapter 1 with age 21 and in chapter 2 it went up to 40. That is also the point where i think it is not worth anymore to hire them if i get them for only twü chapters.

I have a question about the Legacy Heroes. How is the age determined when I recruit them in an ongoing campaign?

Well, I came across a bug. When I try to rename a character in the legacy and press the backspace key the game crashes. I was been able to reproduce it with 100% accuracy