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Fingers Dipped In Red

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It’s out now. Hope you enjoy it

thanks!! for playing 

The game is showing you in a metaphorical sense of how it looks when false doctrine takes over a place and one is consumed by it. 

Thank! you for playing it we plan to continue the story soon. We have a lot more to tell

Lol it's coming soon

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Thank y'all for checking the game out got a lot more coming

Thanks for playing

thank !!  you for playing. Got a lot more coming

Thanks! for checking it out. We have a lot more content coming

We just updated the game and  fix the bugs. Thanks everyone for checking the game out

The first tape spawns randomly and the second only spawns after the first tape finishes playing. Press the e key after you get all the tapes and it shows on the top screen.

thanks for checking it out. We got a lot more content coming soon

It's only on our

Thanks we highly appreciate that and we definitely got much more content coming

Lol Honestly it was difficult for us  but as of right now I'm the only one on the team that figured it out

Lol the funny thing is it's so simple once you figure out the pattern 

Yeah we took the Giant Head Puzzle  out of that level because  people are saying its to hard 

We  highly appreciate everyone that took out their time  to play our game. We also have much more in store for the upcoming months

Thanks for playing and we definitely will take it into consideration of making it into a series

To rotate them just move the mouse wheel up and down

thanks  for playing it 

Lol Yep and you kept looking at the password

Yeah Man! Really appreciate the playthrough! Very difficult to watch you get the bad ending while passing by the good ending so many times lol! But glad you enjoyed it! Stay blessed!

thanks for playing

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Yeah bro! Thanks so much for playing! There is actually only one ending. You should try your luck on the other game "One For The Road." and see what ending you get.

A young family on their way to an event, the father look for a pit stop but they hit something in the road, forced to stop at the nearest gas station. In this once lovely and pleasant town where the people flourished and lived a Godly life, is now desolate and no person is in far as they know.

sorry about that will check it out  hold shift to run try runing up the stairs