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It would be nice if you could move a bit faster also the house sprites color feels off

it is easy I just can't beat it unless I get a keyboard that supports more inputs at the same time

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I cannot stress how much I love this game the combat is so fluid I beat the dungeon no spells hitless but I did find 3 bugs which is expected from a demo

bug 1: when you reload a room the enemies change in the dungeon I interpret this as a bug because well it would not be the greatest feature you can easily abuse this so you for example only have to fight slimes and bats  

bug 2: with the bomb and arrow when you use it the bomb does not go on charge I interpret this as a bug as you can not use bomb arrow when the bomb is on charge 

bug 3: if you charge the bow then switch to your sword the bow stays charged till you have your mouse off the charge button when the bow is selected I think this bug could be adapted into a feature if you made it so even if you let go of the mouse button when on your sword the bow still fires the reason I think it should be adapted into a feature is because it can be interesting to apply a bomb to your arrow this way

oh yea and for the hp thing I would love to see death implemented if you are looking for a good hp number I would say 100 if you want the game to be on the simple I can go through every dungeon first try or 50 if you want it to be hard but still very casual and if you are planning to keep it hard 25 is a great number

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the game is so good I played for a while on slowmotion just please add some optimisation settings maybe removing the background or making the lights baked(downloaded version)

tbh by the end of it I decided to just make scribbles on the page leave humanity embrace baba C

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I was not expecting challenge I beat both songs with a 70% so I am happy with that note: web version did not work for me I could not move

finally got 100 lets go

the converyer mechanic adds a nice flare to the original pvz format is what I would say if there were not already pvz levels with it

wait wut you made this in only 5 hours they has way too much charm for that like why is the art good

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therapeutic but not just that the speedrun timer allows the game to be viewed in a whole different light I do see how routing a game like this could be fun I will just add that also the use of limitation seems like a cop out and I thought of oh if I just have it so when the player dies it progresses the game but the laser definitely makes it feel more natural

quite a unique use of limitation 

yea that cat is ment to be a ghost ha.. ha but honestly that does fix the lore(the reason the cat is transparent is because the art style)

it's interesting just the limitation felt more of a means to get to a pretty good game I think it might of been better if all the upgrades were big changes like the last two

great game my only problem with it is the balancing feels a bit off like in the first round you can't even kill all the guys

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came back made a million the web version got so laggy I had to leave it to write the comment

made it to 100,000 money make about 100 money every second pretty fun game

cool I downloaded godot almost 3 years ago

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the idea of the game was fun and I like speedrunning but the level design was not very good particularly the final level and there was a major glitch were you would get stuck in the ground also I think you should remove the "stepouts" as they felt kinda random or you could probably fix them by making every object reset to its original timer when you die

I love the art style

I got 68 a nice game to just play for a few minutes 

tbh loved the game but the purple area was very weak because how finicky the platformen was, it was also a hard area to find because the camera didn't show enough. 

I did not make this clear enough but a d are mostly if you need to move fast across the map use the mouse for easier bits

fun take on the theme 

nice clean polished game 

wait there is no sound effects in this game

it is ment to be that way to up the skill ceiling but yea it is very fast probably could of made it a bit slower

this is more of a rage game then a puzzle game

just fix the hitboxes

just one problem the controls 

3180 the one thing that brings this game down is the hitboxes sometimes you roll a six and you see a enemy spawning and the bullets go right through it and sometimes you get hit when you were not touched 


cant wait for it to start I hope it will be fun even though there will probably 10 games summitted

best part of the game is the music (:

I fixed the problems you had with it

i am using godot

i should have probably made you take take damage when you touch the boss or something

the limitation is pretty to see i was completely confused on what it was  the concept is cool but it just feels like a typing game

it is a great game all it really needs is better controls

well Chaos being the Greek god