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neat game so far. looking forward to what comes of it

It doesn't

Nice submission, the visuals were great and the controls felt good.

I like how the controls are deceptively simple. Easy to pickup but difficult to master

I also didn't realize that you were supposed to tap the buttons but once i read these comments I revisited the game and it was way more fun haha.

One of the most original submissions I've seen :D

I really like the game play and controls!
Unfortunately I got stuck in the branch section and would either get stuck on the rightmost leaf or couldn't generate enough momentum to get above the branch D:

Great submission though, it was hella fun!

Thanks so much for playing the game! When this game jam is over I'll definitely take this feedback and improve the game

Cool game! I got stuck in the area in your last screenshot, though. Any tips? haha

Nice game! I really like the controls and level design - it feels well thought out.

Neat game! I like that you have a progress indicator

This game was really fun to play! It's challenging but not in a frustrating way 

Superb pixel art! You guys didn't use a game engine!? 😱
That's impressive!

This game has an interesting take on the theme by having you deliver an object to the destination rather than yourself which I think is pretty original. It sure is brutal though 😅

It would help if there was a way to tell where the ball landed 

The pixel art is nice and the controls are simple to understand but difficult to master!
Perfectly executes the theme of the game jam.

The knock back from hitting ledges got me MALDING lmao