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Finally managed to track down and fix the bug! Should be fixed in version 1.3.2, thanks again for finding this!

That's awesome, this video is a perfect guide on how to play the game, everything is well explained and you even went in depth on some of the strategies to win consistently! 

I would like to ask you if I can link your video on the game's page, since I'm sure it'll help a lot of players who had a bit of trouble with it. Let me know if it's okay, I won't reupload or anything like that, I intend to directly link to your tutorial.

Also, thank you very much for taking your time to make this video and enjoying the game, I'm happy when people appreciate and especially have fun with the game!

Thanks for sharing! I'll look into it and try to patch it up as soon as possible!

Excellent point about selling the excess cards, actually that was a planned feature but I had a few issues implementing it on time and had to cut off, but don't worry, it will be done after the jam ends! 

Also, we already have at least one more secret level planned to be added in the future, along with even more dinos to collect. We're glad you liked it, thank you very much!

Awesome! We're really glad you liked it so much! And don't worry, after the jam we're planning to add a few more cards and at least one more secret level ;)

Great game, had a lot of fun playing it (died in wave 20). Maybe a small suggestion is adding health bars to the dinos so it's a bit easier to know which one to prioritize aiming for, other than that I don't have much to add. Nice job!

Try to drag the items into the jug and leave them there, it's not well telegraphed but after reading the game page I could figure it out! 😁

Oh, I didn't really update per se, I just added a version of the game with the loose files in case people are having trouble with the installer!

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You can set Windows Defender to ignore the file and remove it from quarantine. I could provide a .zip file with the separate game files too, but you'd need to manually register the dlls.

Edit: I uploaded a file without the installer, you can download it but you'll need to run "Redist001" in order to register the necessary dlls. I hope this is useful to you!

It's a known issue with the engine used (001 Game Creator), since it needs to register a dll file for the game to run Windows flags it as a virus, but it's a false positive, the setup is harmless. 

I apologize for it, there's not much I can do about it unfortunately.

Hello! Sure, you can message me at Twitter or ArtStation as @FilthyDrawings!

Olha pra algo feito na correia a execução tá muito legal mesmo, é normal não ter tempo de polir coisa (e honestamente, eu não posso nem falar muito porque sou culpado também nesse caso) e mesmo sem tempo cês conseguiram dar um polimento absurdo pro jogo! 

A apresentação desse jogo é perfeita, o aspecto artístico dele acerta em cheio... MAS...

Provavelmente é um dos PIORES pulos duplos que já vi num jogo com esse nível de qualidade e polimento. O game feel de praticamente TUDO tá certinho e responsivo, exceto pelo pulo duplo, que não dá hangtime suficiente nem distância pra ser gostoso de usar.

E quanto ao único outro aspecto do jogo que me incomodou: a boss fight. Ela tem tudo pra ser divertida com as mecânicas de bullet hell, exceto uma coisa: A hurtbox do seu personagem é grande demais pra esse tipo de situação, e junto ao pulo frustrante gera situações em que você não consegue desviar a tempo ou pior, quando o boss acelera as bolas aparecem em cima de você e te cercam numa situação impossível de sair.

Acho que é mais isso que tenho como crítica construtiva, tão de parabéns pelo trabalho de tudo, desde a página do jogo até o nível de polimento!

Jogo bem legal, a arte não é muito polida e a dublagem é meio esquisita e mal sincronizada, mas as mecânicas são divertidas e o final foi inesperadamente bom. Parabéns, seu verme!

PS: Se der uma polida nos problemas depois da Jam sobe pra 5 fácil.

Hi, unfortunately this is all I have from this pack. These were initially made for a project that I ended up abandoning but I felt like it was a waste to just throw away. I currently have no plans on making more assets for this pack, sorry :/

Thanks for the feedback! It's just an early build, a lot of features are missing or broken in 1.3.5. There's a devlog detailing some of the upcoming features if you're interested.

É um falso positivo, só adicionar como exceção pro windows defender.

I'm currently working on implementing the base of the progression system, along with some new systems and shops. There's a lot of polishing going on behind the scenes, so expect a way better and more functional version in the next update!

Hi, the game is up again! I accidentally removed it while testing another version for upload.