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It was inspired by into the odd.

Thanks for your feedback!
I dont want to go into more detail or answers at this late stage.

Demo2 is in the works and hopefully will be the best demo ever!


Thank you so much for your feedback!

Its well placed even if its late!

Fantastic Product, very polished, very stealthy sneaky, very hard!!!

Cool its gothic 2! Nice!

What makes you think that i have to respond to everyone?
There is absolutly nothing wrong here... If i want to be silent then thats my god given right.

Thank you for nothing, youre banned.

I saw the video, this game is very cool!


This is a really bad result to me, i hope Demo2 will be much better to you!
I am sorry if you feel that your time was wasted :( That could be very much the case.

The design of the demo was lacking in so many places... But i hope people stay for Demo2 and hopefully see how much i improved!



thank you so much for your detailed report!

Alot of the points you made are already addressed in the new upcoming version.

All your points are well taken and i had the same feedback from other people already!

Hopefully the next demo will be much better!

glad to have you <3

Thank you for playing the game!
Key issues that appeared while your playthrough have been identified and are being adressed now.

The hotfix today will hopefully fix the missing movie file and difficulty bug that you experienced.

Thank you so much for playing!

Hello and thanks for your feedback, i am glad you had fun!

All of your 3 points here have been addressed in the new upcoming patch 002!

Stay updated and thank you! <3

Hello and thanks for your thoughts!
I hope people from all kinds of stealth genres will like this game!
Lets hope for the best and in the meantime i enhance the demo more!

Hi thank you for playing the demo!
I am truely amazed that people find the demo good enough to invest so much time!
I will keep on enhancing and adding!

Thank you!

Link in the description above!

Hello and thanks for your feedback!

You can always cancel the bow charge with spacebar!
There are more arrow types planned!
The stats screen at the end will be enhanced of course!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you very much! Glad you had a good time!


Thank you!

Sick stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what the reboot couldve been!

There is ransomware inside this file.


Please be careful

I had this before too. Mh i will investigate this again. Hopefully this isnt a lockbug and resets when trying another chest.

Thank you for playing my demo! <3

Great game but here is some advice:

The camera movement is extremly bad, like the swaying to left and right... That is some insane headbob.

And then it feel like the interactions are... lagging. Like i misclicked alot of times and had to click again for it to register.

The recipy thing and the trasmutator didnt click at all for me.

I found this great yes but damn... this is hella clunky! 


Fantastic Game. Wowsy!

You should pick this game up again. There is alot potential.

pretty solid. Rough around the edges. But definitly good for starting out!

Game had alot of issues when playing. Camera really broken, controls really clunky. Overall very laggy. Art is nice but your code definitly destroyed it.
Needs an overhaul

Walking right is also walking left, and why does the game lag so extreme?I have a very very good pc and this game is just laggg. 
And you can hit stuff in thin air apparently.

I think this looks great and stuff, its rough but has alot potential.

But i can and will not get over the fact ever that this game is 12gbs in 10 minutes content.
6gb is Videos which is outragous O.o and then somehow there is 6 more gb data pak. 
This game with this gameplay could easily be 1gb.

This is a proper Ue4 game ship tho... If your windows or OS isnt updated and drivers updated then you have something todo.

This has really good quality. Like, really really good quality. I am actually jealous. Its rough but the base system is really polished and well made.

Pretty cool :3

This game needs alot improvement.
The fact that its so super buggy and that there is no Pause menu or sound slider.

At one point i couldnt switch my weapons anymore or reload.

And i cant change the mouse sensitivity.

But its very fun and i like the staging

There is not alot here...

Wow this game is well developed! Amazing!