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Schön gemacht. Ich fand die puzzle leider zu hart :( Aber an sich sehr gut gemacht alles.

Hello thanks for the comment! Means alot.
I cant see what you have on screen so i dont know if you can already finish the mission.
Did you solve all objectives? It should be a bunch.
Did you collect all the loot?

If there is a bug i need to know it!

Maybe make a video of it :) The end zone is on the dock area in the big water cave.

Soory there were some struggles yesterday with the upload. I was so enraged that i basicly gave up for that day and went to bad.

Upload 2 hours after this comment!

I hope the new patch will fix some of the issues for you.
Could you send your PC specs here so i can judge if they are enough to run the game?
I hope your future experiences with the game will be better, i be working hard on that!

Thank you alot! And thanks for the donation!

Fantastic Product, very polished, very stealthy sneaky, very hard!!!

Cool its gothic 2! Nice!

I saw the video, this game is very cool!


Sick stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what the reboot couldve been!

There is ransomware inside this file.


Please be careful

Great game but here is some advice:

The camera movement is extremly bad, like the swaying to left and right... That is some insane headbob.

And then it feel like the interactions are... lagging. Like i misclicked alot of times and had to click again for it to register.

The recipy thing and the trasmutator didnt click at all for me.

I found this great yes but damn... this is hella clunky! 


Fantastic Game. Wowsy!

You should pick this game up again. There is alot potential.

pretty solid. Rough around the edges. But definitly good for starting out!

Game had alot of issues when playing. Camera really broken, controls really clunky. Overall very laggy. Art is nice but your code definitly destroyed it.
Needs an overhaul

Walking right is also walking left, and why does the game lag so extreme?I have a very very good pc and this game is just laggg. 
And you can hit stuff in thin air apparently.

I think this looks great and stuff, its rough but has alot potential.

But i can and will not get over the fact ever that this game is 12gbs in 10 minutes content.
6gb is Videos which is outragous O.o and then somehow there is 6 more gb data pak. 
This game with this gameplay could easily be 1gb.

This is a proper Ue4 game ship tho... If your windows or OS isnt updated and drivers updated then you have something todo.