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This game feels fun to play. I enjoyed the asymmetrical multiplayer aspect of it too. Pretty nice sound design.

It did crash my browser however... Not sure how that happened.

Haha, I'm super happy you thought it was funny.

Most of what you say is address in my reply to Lanyard so I won't repeat myself. The collide-able part of the flippers don't even move, they basically just become bumpers when you trigger them which does feel weird XD

Thank you for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

Haha, nice! My only real goal was to make people laugh with this one so I'm super happy that it hit you hard.

But yeah I struggled making the game otherwise. I never do 3D so it was a challenge getting physics to work right. It took me almost a full day just to make the flippers and I still ended up using a "hack" to make them work. I spent another chunk of time trying to get the balls to quit clipping out of bounds, but gave up. I would have spent a lot more time tweaking things to make it more of a fun  game than a random  simulation but as time ran out I just focussed on making the lights flashier and making silly sound effects.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thought it was funny!

Very nice game. You can easily export to other platforms using Godot, I would suggest looking into that. I like that rooms light up when you go into them and enemies only attack you from the current room. It is very challenging though, haha.

Good looking game. I like the background and the sprites. The controls feel tight. It'd be cool to see more levels added to the game. Very cute though and super enjoyable.

Very impressive. The art is super well done. Played it on an emulator on my phone and it works great. Now I just have to learn how to win XD (Spam is the answer I guess). But seriously, this is one I'll probably play again some days down the road.

This was almost the kind of game we did, glad to see someone submitted a game using the idea of inbox spam XD Really solid presentation and the game is mostly fun to play. A little difficult (but that's a good thing I say). Was there a point to classifying non-spam though? It seems like you can just leave it forever.

Wow you don't see a terminal game in game jams often. Nice work, worked flawlessly on my system (Ubuntu 18.04) .

Very nice game. It's simple yet it has a good amount of variety considering the theme. I think it'd be cool to expand on this game by adding multiple rooms or obstacles.

Great presentation. Good job making things feel spooky, I don't know what your friends are talking about, I bet you can make this game work in the future, including the camera angle. You just need to get creative with lighting or somehow alerting the player to obstacles. Is there a way to get back to the main menu after you win?

The art and sound are amazing, great presentation. The gameplay wasn't as clear but it was fun nonetheless.

Is it possible for you to upload a linux or web version? I'd love to play your game but I can only find .exe files.

Haha, glad you liked it. Yeah I spent most of my time learning physics in 3D and making flashy lights XD. I admit that it is pretty mindless, I just hope it makes people laugh.

Yeah, it didn't take long at all before it felt like I needed to tap on the "and of 1" which was kind of ok because the song had a notable punch there. Maybe 10-20 seconds at most. But about a minute or 2 in it was totally on the second beat which felt weird.

Super satisfying game. It's fun to get everyone on one screen and see what patterns emerge. Reminds me of a minigame from Work Time Fun.

What a gruesome game, haha. The artwork is very nice.

Very cool rhythm game. Could not get it to run on Ubuntu 18.04 though. The time you need to hit the best kept dragging further behind as the game went on. A good way to fix this would be to have whatever is handling when the beat comes in to poll the audio player to find out where in the song it is. Though only periodically probably since doing that every frame might create slow down. I thought it was funny when later in the game you get spammed with enemies, fun game overall!

Was able to reach 197. Really funny game. The audio and art are top notch. I like that you get to see the tower when you finish. When's the Android version coming!? Haha

Nice work. The road off to the side was a nice touch. Once you get the power plants it becomes pretty easy to win (loose? XD) the game.

As a hardcore rhythm game fan, I had to play this game first. And it's pretty spammy that's for sure XD One problem I noticed was that the notes didn't actually line up with the music for me using Firefox. It's a good thing that the game is lenient on what counts as a note hit or I would never have completed a song. I was able to beat each song but probably only because I've been playing games like Stepmania for a while. I like the songs a lot, but I prefer shorter songs in rhythm games. Overall a fun experience though! Here are my scores for my first time though the 2nd and 3rd songs to prove that it's possible.

Pretty fun. I got 1523. It's not clear to me what to do when you start to overheat. Are there pickups to cool you down? Great art and sound!

It doesn't control as I'd expect it to. But it still feels really good to play. I'm glad there was a training room to begin with and I wish I got to see more of the game but I couldn't get very far.

Super creative game. Funny writing. It wouldn't close properly on my system though (Arch Linux) and it even froze up once (the game was still running but I couldn't click on anything). Still one of the better games submitted though.

Great game. Feels like a real hot air balloon! (As if I know what that feels like) I do wish you could advance the text boxes with the keyboard so I wouldn't have to keep moving the mouse between attempts. Also nice song!

Fun idea. I won somehow XD It'd be nice to have the controls listed in game. Maybe even during gameplay, since there is a lot to remember. Good job going for 3D. No linux executable :(

The art and sound kind of remind me of Commander Keen. I also love that the audio switches between the two versions. The character controlled a bit too slippery, and some of the level design felt unfair, but I was able to get to the end. Overall a good experience.

Really funny game. I like the music!

Nice game, great concept. It'd be cool to see this as an android game with tilt controls.

It felt fun to ride along the slopes. It would be cool if you could go off jumps too or something x3

Got 14108. Very nice, I like that it got harder by speeding up. I did end up running into an impossible to avoid formation of obstacles though XD

Feels very smooth and polished! I like how challenging it is. Animation and art were spot on.

I lasted 2 minutes. Good looking game. I actually like how frustrating it is to turn since it forces you to get hit by some enemies and balance your temperature. Nice work.

Really nice game. I didn't realize at first that you need to collect the fish. Otherwise I liked how chaotic it felt dodging everything.

It's a really good start. I like the art style, it'd be cool to put some camera sweeping animations in or something like that. The game concept is entertaining too, reminds me of the game/video/whatever maker tycoon games. Thanks for sharing it even though it didn't make it into the jam!

That screenshot looks much nicer, it will make it easier to see the values of the termometers. Glad to hear that you'll be continuing work on this!

I like the game's concept! It really tests your coordination. Android version works perfectly too. I found a way to cheese the game though, just tap as fast as you can. I easily got a score of 60 that way. You could add a penatly for misstapping to counteract this. Good job though!

This game is super charming. I love the art and sound even though it looks like it was done pretty quickly.

A little hard to use the double jump/wall jump or whatever exactly it is. Otherwise a neat take on classic platformers.

Got about 30 seconds XD I love the art but the meteorites are so unpredictable. I can sort of see the indicators at the top of the screen but I still didn't feel like I had enough time to react. One of the better games in terms of animations though for sure.