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Thanks! The difficulty ramps up the longer you play i.e. more bombs spawn and fewer paint buckets spawn. But yeah we definitely could have used some extra time for tweaks like with any game jam. The transition was really fun to make, glad it turned out!

Yesss all I want to do with my free and open source game is cash out on sequel after sequel... 😝

It says there is a Linux build but I can't seem find it or any compile instructions.

Fun game. The graphics set the mood pretty well but I noticed some strange lines all over the walls if you got too close with the motion blur. Maybe this was intentional or maybe it's just on my computer. I also found myself tilting left or right uncontrollably which was kinda fun but I didn't know how to control it. Very fun to try and get good at though.

Nice little game. Somehow I died by jumping too high and flying off the top of the screen!? Haha

I like the mood. The background and clouds remind me of the aesthetics Pixeljunk Monsters for some reason. A bit confusing to get into but I can tell a lot of work went into it.

Thanks! That's really kind.

Thank you! Yeah I've been thinking about ways to make painting more satisfying. I might have an idea or two for an update...

Thank you!

Thanks. You can view the whole canvas at the end! You just have to not press anything after your game ends and it will scroll by. Exporting to an image would be cool too for sure.

Glad you liked it, the music might have been my favorite part to work on.

Alright dev highscore here: 226000

Can anyone beat that?

Nice! Glad you liked it.

This is way too addicting. The collision could be tweaked a bit but overall this game is so fun.

Very nice visuals. Looks like there is a lot of content here.

Super fun. Makes me excited for snowboarding season. I like the individual names for jumps and the final run down the whole mountain, it made it feel like a real ski resort. A different song for each section was also a very nice touch.

Looks really funny. It freezes when I hit the other character. Is this intentional?

Looks nice. A bit difficult to get around the first level though. Very polished game altogether.

I like the audio. The graphics also do the original game justice.

Super fun. My favorite part was the depth shift on the items. I don't know why. Music and art also on point.

Didn't have a second player but I had fun trying to control both at once. Definitely jumped off the ship in the end.

I also get a segfault (Ubuntu 20) it seems to be triggered consistently by pressing space bar any time during time trial, including during the animation that starts it. I tried cloning your repo and loading it into the latest version of Godot but some assets seem to be missing so the game won't run. Looks like fun, hope I get to play it eventually!

Thank you!

Developer highscore: 282

Thanks! The track is one giant and non-colorful image with some transparency, then there is a particle effect under it which makes the crazy colors and is actually centered around the player. If you drive far enough away from the map into the void (I didn't bother making boundaries) you'll see just your car and the particle effect and it should be pretty clear.

Super creative idea. I've never seen these match three type of games mixed with memory, it makes for some interesting choices because you have to balance which blocks you want cleared and which blocks you know the creature behind. It's satisfying to get a combo when two blocks you really want gone happen to have the same creature behind them.

Looks great. This sort of game lends itself nicely to game jams I think. It's a little awkward to play, I found myself just using all the boost right at the beginning which usually got me really far but I also felt like I wasn't in control of steering as much as I'd like to be. Overall though pretty impressive.

Very good looking game.

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Thanks! Yeah I wish I could have put a little more time into it this year but I'm glad it turned out pretty well all things considered.

Haha, I'm glad someone thought that was as funny as I did XD

NOTE: Looks like saving may not work in the browser version, downloading is the way to go.

Looks like your download is incorrectly labeled. I only see a Windows executable, no Mac or Linux version.

Hey everyone, another update (Sep 12th). You can now SAVE your game and load it next time you play! Enough people requested this and I think it will be really helpful to those who don't have the time to sit down and collect everything in one sitting.

I love that the difficulty goes up because you grow, very creative.

What a great and unique concept! The framerate for me in browser starts out really bad but gets better as soon as a couple fish are eaten. Otherwise a very enjoyable game.

Very impressive and compelling game! It would have been nice to know that there was a double jump, had to discover that on my own. The soundtrack and artwork are amazing. It got difficult later on but I couldn't put it down until I reached the end. Well done.

Not too often do you get treated to an extensive intro cut scene in a game jam! Great art. Very difficult for me.

Very pretty game, nice animations. Seems pretty cheesy but I was able to get pretty far just sitting in the middle of the storm.

Really cool teleport mechanic. Great art.