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I feel like this is totally worth the cost cause the animation is top notch. Very well done! 

Omg so cute! I love it!

Sweet. Thanks for the update.

Just wanted to say your graphic design is fire for this jam Goodgis.

Thats awesome, thanks!  I'll give your game engine another try.

It doesn't seem like you can upload your own images/sprites. Request ability to upload a custom image for an object.

This is a very awesome tool and comes close to something I would actually use! Most other small sound design tools don't have a reverb effect nor distortion, so thumbs up for that. But one thing it's missing for serious sound design is a filter and/or EQ.

I really like the horizon in a top down game. Great idea! I hope this game is still  being made.

I was literally just thinking about creating an app like this myself just a few weeks ago. I will definitely give this a shot!

The Aseprite support is pretty awesome! Thanks!

OMG I love it! I'm getting serious WarCraft 1 nostalgia looking at this. I hope you continue to expand this out then I'll definitely purchase. Good job!

Whoa that's tiny. Don't think I've ever seen a tileset less than 8x8 before

Ah gotcha. Thanks.

Your game looks awesome! I wishlisted it on Steam :)

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Does this font include Cyrillic characters? Also, how about all your other fonts? Do they all include the same character sets or are they each different?

You should be able to already achieve that using variables. Create a variable named something like "audioFile". Then just set that variable to the name of the audio file you want to play prior to the character's dialogue.

Ok so If I'm understanding you correctly, if I'm making an RPG and I have 2 conversations, one between the player and a villager, then one between the player and the final boss, I would make 2 separate dialogue designer projects?

What's the basic usage of this tool? I bought it and I'm a little confused. Is each project for a single dialogue sequence? Or is a project suppose to contain all dialogue sequences for an entire game project?

Cool, thanks for the explanation!

Could you explain how this differs from BFXR? I like some of the sounds this tool makes but it seems to be missing a few things BFXR has, like choosing the type of waveform for example.

Yes please! I need this so badly. Dealing with complex UI is the worst part of making games in C3.

It's fixed now!

That is a bug. I'll try to get a fix for it asap.

I just uploaded a new version which now has keyboard controls!

This game currently is gamepad only. I'm going to release a new version soon which includes keyboard controls. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Awesome thanks!

I have just one question. Is the rendering of this tool GPU accelerated? 

I ask because Inkscape only runs on the CPU and it becomes SOOOO SLOW very quickly even with medium sized projects.

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Thanks for the plugin. It's pretty awesome but very complex. I can't imagine how it can be useful unless you're very intimate with how synthesis works or if there's a user friendly tool that can generate the JSON file.

This game making tool has some amazing ideas contained in it. Why did this die?

I'm sure you could wrap it up using NW.js.

Great question that needs an answer.

Hello, my name is Chris. I truly hope you enjoy my game :)

A classic tower defense game that is simple to learn but challenging. It's a game you can keep playing to unlock new towers and tools that will get you closer to the boss each play through. The game gives you a small amount of money each wave, but to beat the game you will need manage your money flow. There are several nuances to the strategy for you to uncover as you play. If you love classic tower defenses or strategy games in general, this game is for you.

  • Utilize traps and explosives to survive in the heat of the moment
  • Build mining drills to excavate minerals to improve your economy
  • Unlock powerful rewards that completely alter how you play
  • Enjoy retro 1-bit (ish) visuals and a chiptune soundtrack



I'm Christopher, the creator of Whitevale Defender. I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who purchased the game. I sincerely hope you get some enjoyment out of it, whether you play it just for 20 minutes, or play it for 20 hours.

If you're a parent, like myself, don't forget to let your kids play Whitevale Defender too! Don't worry, there's no vulgar language, no references to drugs/alcohol, no sexual themes, and no blood/gore, very family friendly. I also believe that I designed the game to be easy to learn, which is perfect for a younger person. But don't worry, to beat the game is still very challenging.

Now go enjoy yourself!

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Feel free to post a Help topic if you want the community to respond. But for a faster response contact me directly.


Cool. Thanks for the clarification!

These fonts are awesome. I'm considering purchasing them.... but I'm not 100% sure on the style of my next game so I'm not sure if any of these are a fit. But they look really well made! I'm especially interested in pixel fonts with good kerning (non-mono).

I noticed in your preview image, you show monospaced and non-mono versions. Does that mean there are 2 separate versions of each font? One version that is monospaced and another that has kerning data?

I'm thinking about purchasing these fonts, but I'd rather have a font with good kerning (non-mono) over monospaced.


Hi Ham,

I was looking for a game jam to do and I may have some free time this weekend. Just so I can create the game just for you as a birthday present, I need to know how old you are going to be. So, how old will you be on your birthday?