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I think the soul separation is a cool concept, but having it on w/s keys feels awkward!

challenging! trick is to stay on the ledge on the left so it's harder for them to hit you.

alas, looks like part of it is out of screen on safari browser

what, no calculus?!

it's always those damn wolves!

heh, alien population "too goddamn many"!

this guy looks uncomfortable! i would be too if i were in a computer

reminds me of old school zelda

love the art style!


A simple puzzle platformer. The first game I made last summer after getting back into game development (following a ~14 year hiatus). Finally got around to releasing it.

Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, X to shoot.

There are a couple powerups you can get, and each level has its own things to interact with.

The goal in each stage is simple: find the key and defeat the boss.


I like the music, reminds me of chrono cross. works on mac, btw (safari)

it's like a clicker game married a 1990's Windows screensaver and they had a baby together!

interesting... it feels sort of like a clicker game without as much clicking

damn, just when you think your job is safe from ai...

it's fun! the guy's hair looks like... psychedelic spaghetti

gives off a really calm vibe, especially from the background music. fyi, only left shift runs for me, not sure if that was the intention.

cool art style! couldn't get it to run on safari, but chrome worked fine.

makes me feel nostalgic for atari or something!

yup! works on chrome

woah... trippy... watch out for that mercury retrograde!

alas, could not get this to run on safari or chrome :(

what a cool concept! I love it when art draws attention to hyper-specific, mundane aspects of life that would otherwise be ignored. unfortunately, couldn't get past the first screen (running on safari)

the eyeball sprites are cool, they give the game a certain vibe. would look better if the player sprite could turn to the left. fyi, could not get the game to run on safari, but it worked on chrome.

aria of sorrows sprites! wish the controls were a little faster/smoother. fyi, could not get it to load on safari, but it does work on chrome.

I like the minimalist style and bright colors. wish there was sound and points, though

It's the end of the world! Or something.

Zombie apocalypse runner game with RPG elements like job classes, abilities, and weapons.

Press Up to Jump and Space to Attack (Desktop).

Tap left side of screen to Jump, right side of screen to Attack (Mobile).

7 Job Classes, 13 Weapons, 14 Abilities.

Zombie Runner RPG!

Kill zombies for z-points, which unlock new jobs and abilities. Check it out here.

Stats (Attack & HP) level up after every successfully completed run.

When you die, you lose gold and z-points, but keep your stat increases.

At the beginning, you may be unable to kill zombies. But with better weapons and increased attack, you will be able to.

How long can you survive?

press up or tap right side of screen to jump. or is it jumping continuously for you?