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the 15 save achievment doesnt trigger

can you give actual names to all characters and not just a class like name

well it starts early than that it is all over the place the fail to load errors

could you do this try it so you create an update patch where it checks for updates and automatically does them

actually i figured out something to counteract getting stuck instead of people grinding up by fighting monsters and bosses why not pay gold or something else  to level up like with gold or put in medicine or some item that gives exp i thought about it and people live to be able to gain levels someway and you hate people grinding so instead have it so where people can gain levels wherever 

there is a problem starting the game like when your in the element thing it wont let me leave

yeah i only found like maybe one squirl and need to tell people what enimies to defeat to get stuff cause that repeatable quest for the blacksmith 

eventually can you run your own businesses too not just the farm like actual companys in game

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how to gain exp and how to recover with mana and the controls would be nice even though i know most of them

thanks and even though the minigames are fun i wish there was more and can you make all items multi use

make it like a skill in both make them use the same amout of whatever it is then make sure to time it right

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not yet about to, is there romance and choice based descions or being able to buy buildings and businesses and why is it very laggy like i am still able to move stuff but wow  and do u realy play as an animal

well instead how about this partner skills where you combined two people skills into one attack that could be a neat feature for this game

would you add in another feature like a skill tree maybe with passive skills and stat boostand is zenki a guy or girl or can you make it where the person decides

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yeah i think i might of interupeted the download somehow which caused it to malfunction i am sorry but i am going try my own challege where i cant use healing items during battle

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for some weird reason i wasnt able to play it recently going to rerdownload it to be sure

is there a problem with the game cause for some reason it didnt start

what is the puzzle hit the button in a certain order and can u make all puzzles timed

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my keyboard didnt type it out right so i think it would be cool to also put in a time challenge for tower floors it should be optional but in order to do the timed challenge you have to beat the floor normally first but it would be cool feature

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true but you could make it in into the sequel game to but it could show how everything happened  on how he got trapped in the tower and how he escaped but also leaving it open to roam around freely afterward but could you add some sort of skill tree with passive skills in the current game and the might be a limit to how far down it can go

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world runner: zenki the story could go like this  after beating the final boss he was stripped of his power to return in order to leave the tower but that is pretty much when you choose a new class  after maybe have him join like a guild depending on his class

if you do make a sequel to this game you don't want it the exact same as the previous one and if not you can always try other genres out after maybe make an adventure game next to see what you can do maybe open world people do like games where you can travel freely to and magic academy games also tend to sell to it is just something to think about

is this game abandoned or when will it be finished

don't worry about the sequel for now so you don't get completely burned out after you finish this game take some time off 

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could you try this instead after the person chooses there element the can choose the color of there outfit then  and there could be newer features like a quest log with side quest  and main quest, side quest can give out decent rewards main quest would just follow the story of zenki about him going through the tower pretty much and i think you should make tower runner, zenki 2 it wont be the same as the original

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will there be like some sort of end game where he could ether leave the tower or stay and i think adding in a new game plus could be cool like if you complete the main game  and the post game if there will be one the post game could be like insanely tough if there will be one or you could have a difficulty thing at the start where there is like easy normal  hard can do have more but i am just doing it for reference you can change how the opponents scale to the player normal can be the current way you have it  and i might of figured out a way you can have zenki's outfit change depending on class try this where you show a fireball like thing when selecting a class and when you select it it will materialize the body with the outfit

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well thanks and also check for bugs before the final release go over everything just to be sure and how many floors are there going to 100 or more think it would be cool to have more than 100 and maybe you can add puzzles into the tower the harder the puzzle the better the reward

true  well why dont you just do some research then if it doesnt work you can always abandon the idea 

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yeah but kind of funny i never played azure dream and i came up with a similar idea well i think there could be like raid bosses where you could get epic equipment but the fight against them will be extremely tough  and also could there be other ways to level up 

couldnt you make the story like this zenkis parents were a tower runner or before him then they died before making it to the final floor

or have it like this zenki doesnt know who or what he is and has to discover the truth of the tower or something along those lines and for new ideas could you put like hints for secret characters like for party members 

will there me magic skills later by your element

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i have an idea maybe add in party members eventually maybe have it so you can only choose one but they can be any element like the main and they can be like preselected and maybe change the tower maps over time or could they be randomly generated and that idea to have zenki outfit change to match element is cool 

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could you separate the shop to a different statue and eventually you could put in a story to why he is climbing the dungeon and maybe have a place where you can recover or at least being able to leave the tower floors

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1.  could u put in like personality test to determine stats you start out with it wont affect gameplay 

2. could you choose like an element from the start like fire, water, etc. for magic wise

3. think it would be cool to be able to buy places like business and houses and maybe renting them out but u can still live in one it doesn't have to be many or it can be the same house just expanded over time 

4 will there be more than 1 dungeon (tower)

could you do a class based system where you can choose your starting class and weapon set that you could upgrade over time

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romance maybe like where u can date different  people like any character you date will be easy or hard to get cause some should require you to be able to get to a certain floor and maybe get married and maybe buy a houses and do other management stuff 

there are other sites that you can put your games up on you know

kind of wish you could invite everyone to the village but other than that it was ok

kind of wish that the game actually lead into the part about saving the world 

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well a magic academy game could be cool to then you could call it whatever you want for start just another idea like you choose your favorite color from a list and it determines the outfit and magic and what the character will look like sounds like a cool idea it will just change the hair color