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I would love a potential demonic mutation, an adventures guild, multiple skill classes, and a better understanding of character events like when they start and there time. They also mention the need for church membership for post-mutation interactions with other people and the potential for military membership without siding. I would also suggest also suggest to have a variety of different mutagens maybe some that don't reduce mood. oh yeah i don't know why you cant fix your mood before the day is over when you hit -100  or at least have an item or skill so you can get that prevent mood from ever being negative and i have a good idea for a kind of bad and good perk  you sacrifice all stat points down to 0 but u gain a lot more you could make those 2 separate

i hope other women in game will eventually be wed and it would be nice to make portraits for the maids and make them datable oh yeah could you make some characters the only 2 classes i like is the healing class and thief like one the others are those are the 2 with the best roman-cable options and i think hana oh yeah is that other blonde woman it the starting town roman cable and how to get more testosterone in game do u have to be a certain class or can you just gain it by eating meat with the meat eater origin and i hope there becomes more side characters that would be wed-dable

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it would be nice if some women in game show some jealousy like azar fighting the party female mc and could you make some characters jealous if you date other women azar gets jealous of big breasted women oh yeah maybe add in a system that allows you to get married if you progress enough down their route it could be nice to have a harem but the women have to agree with it azar should be very hard to convince so characters would be easier and others should be very  hard to convince it would make it  be so hard to convince it wont be worth the effort the example was azar it was the only name i remembered

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wasn't a bad game but wished there was more to it why don't you create a modern version with some new classes and old ones it was kind of sad that you stopped working on it but it is fine u can make the modern one more business focus it would still have dungeons and the business you can hire staff to manage it for you if you add a day and night system then passive income would be nice but it would be slow and so no people can spam it you can make the person have action points how many actions can be done in a day it is just an idea you can ignore it if you want or not it is up to you

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working with a team seams like a good idea it could take less time  and for engineer maybe a item based class if not that maybe a buff class with high damage skills but itis up to you

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i have a few more classes ideas like summoner , shadow knight, engineer, and  enchanter and to ask you something you said this project will take a few years to make my question is do u prefer to make the game yourself 

ok cool you can decide that later for the race  will there eventually not have every fighter in the party be in the starting town will they eventually be spread out 

here is a question will you eventually show the protagonist eyes

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would an outfit change for the protagonist be in the cards because even if it is a jrpg you could make his second outfit  or could you add onto it  even crazier and  it could be cool if there was a wardrobe where you can change the clothes it wont change the story outfit unless stated otherwise but it might be an idea you can experiment with 

could there be a dual sword wielder class or a class that allows you to to use all weapons not simultaneously and i think it would be cool if there was a place where you could gain lots of exp and gold like its own dungeon you can make it very tough and i think divine  could  be a race  too 

it would be cool if you could learn all element but  but you probably wont change it so could you have equipment where it could seem like you did and will there be  situations where you don't control the mc like lets say for certain quests because i think the game would be cooler if it wasn't just about the mc well i meant you control him and will there be ranks in guilds that can be separate from the story 

the loud neighbor quest where does it start and how many side quests are at the first part 72 0r 73

could you make it so some quests cant be done in groups like solo  and some quest that are the opposite where you do need a group

would be cool if you added in raid bosses they will be very tough but they give a ton of exp and money in game well you could put in a random chest where you could get very good weapons like legendary equipment 

Slap The Tycoon(DEMO) community · Created a new topic ideas

so will you like buy businesses and other houses maybe your own castle will there be romance 

you should check for other bugs now because when you get further down the line it will be a hassle later 

ok will you put in skill item or  something later that will increase reward earnings  and will there be jobs outside the guild 

cool will the stats go up in act 2 because i think there capped at 5 and will there be others later and i have a different idea for magic instead of putting magic into combat could  you make it obstacle based like you need a certain spell to get to a certain place or defeat certain enemies that cant be defeated by weapons

it would be cool if some people might walk in on the protagonist doing it like voyeur u can  make depending on the character some might be mad or excited and eventually i want a rematch between i forgot her name that knight girl where he wins

yeah i got that bug too

will there be  other jobs he could do

can you make like a house you could eventually  so people dont have to keep going to the inn and will there be dating and marriage 

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yeah that is true but i was kind of thinking about that for a later arc because so far combat is easy except for one fight if you didn't get that weapon  and i hope there will be more stats an i have a great idea for the quest for previous level if u gained enough money you can buy a way to auto-finish them i mean for collect and hunting if u make the the objects useable once a day so people can skip the  missions

what about battle magic like spells that cause damage and support if you like to recover and buff yourself and weaken opponents 

`would be nice to choose if u do it if you do magic would you go by type like elements or different types of magic like support 

could add magic for the mc to use it would be cool and you allow people to choose since it wont change the story whatsoever it will just change how you fight

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why are classes ether or for the mc the mc should be able to learn all skills regardless cause the previous game didn't force you to choose like between oracle and necromancer but even if that isn't the case i think that that mc should be an exception and i dont like that some characters are class locked and body locked but i do like the game it is just the characters i like are body locked or class locked

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you could make one recruit free for the first one after that you should pay and for linked skills i mean like between characters like if you have a party of at least 2 different class it can create a skill that you can use that is powerful but the drawback would be that if you use it those character cant act it would be like they attacked

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yeah this will probably take a few years to complete right will there be group skills and i thought of another race it would be cool if some races could advance like demon to demon lord but i don't know if that is possible and i thought of a good class people think it is weak class but it can be very reliable later is there a healing and support class i mean one that pretty much on like a medic or something along those lines where you get powerful heal spells 

i have a great idea exp is low if you go individually but in truth for the first 5 to 10 floors its easier with 1 or 2  so my idea is could you make it so that there is linked skills between classes not every class  and can you make recruiting cost gold

you could always do a secret thing per update something for people to try to find or not up to them 

well you can name it what ever you want for exp item  and could you make a quest later where you can use the teleporter free or have a consumable item that prevents it

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could be cool if you can remake with a male main and why don't you just make a notebook to check affection and reason you dont know is because you might not have that plugin rpg maker has different plugins 

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actually i have an different idea for the second one  and third have exp items like for equipment the best ones would lower your stats by a lot but give you a lot of exp in return and maybe being able to buy some sort of exp drug that can give to any character besides the main the main character and i meant for different characters you choose

different abilities during combat sounds cool you could do heavy slash opens you up to attack next turn  quick slash doesn't but it lowers attack and may normal attack just does the same

ok well could you put healing points in dungeons and also make it so you can only save at those points in the dungeons

and could you eventually add like a secret quest where you could get very good stuff but you need a password that you find through out the game in different locations it could be cool to do that eventually 

Dungeonpath community · Created a new topic new ideas

1. maybe more classes could have 2 characters that can use all weapons or at least being able to choose the gender  of the class you could do it like this where you put them next to each other if it different genders

2.  kind of wished i could recruit all characters at once  because  that dungeon is tough cause it match's how many members you have but it does help with experience

3. will there be different exp rates and will you put in a healing points in the dungeon

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idk exactly but it happens after i scrapped weapons and then tried to equip them

sounds good will there be a way where the mc can help any girl about there insecurities  or doubts later and it would be nice if there was a way to get more profit from higher ranks in guild quest and if your a higher rank wouldn't it take less energy per rank higher

well it would be nice to be able to steal girls back as long as there not fully corrupted to other men will you put in something that being able to steal other mens wives would be cool too