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Really interesting game! I like the clay background :) Nice work!

Very nice! :) Thank you so much!

agree with comment below, hard game!

LOVE the concept and is fun to play, though I found myself getting frustrated at the controls a little


fun game, super enjoyed

This was really fun to play! Great work! I really struggled with the morse code but had a great time doing it.

Totally understood! Well done :)

Really fun to play! Good to play and super fun, I think the theme works here as you need both objects together to complete the game. If you wanted, I'd add a 'hard' mode so that there are limitations on changing the items, perhaps you only have a certain amount of changes per level or a cooldown on the torch. Great work

Cool game, art style is awesome and I love the concept of it. I might be dumb but I got stuck at the second ID reader. Couldn't find anything further to do.

Lovely game to play, very tough as the controls feel a little loose. Otherwise really impressive submission.

Very cool game, really hard to remember all of the drinks, thanks for adding the pause whilst you check the book!

Addictively fun game! I didn't want it to end, was wondering what the next puzzle would be, very very cool. I agree with Zettovyker, it would be good to see the numbers on the blocks. It would also be cool if you could mix it up and add joint colours or something. Perhaps yellow and red together can open Orange or Blue and Yellow can open green. Definitely worth future  experimentation on this one.

Excellent game! Really clever idea for a game, this is a really impressive submission for the theme. Well done

Loved it! What a really interesting game, I was sceptical at first but it's very polished and super fun to play. Great work!

Excellent submission, really impressive gameplay and some clever puzzles. I found it thoroughly enjoyable.

Hard until I realised I could push the anchor, cool idea

Really cool, some small bugs with clipping against the edge. Honestly enjoyed playing it.


Really cool game! Hard to get your head around it.

Fun and addictive game, well done! Small criticism, in that I'm not sure how it fits in with the theme.

Easy to pick up and play, fun and interesting concept. Physics work nicely. Easy to cheese the game by sitting in the corner. Great idea!

Interesting concept, echo the previous comment from Snake Kiki, difficult and progress feels less like skill and more like chance. I'd like to see more agency when playing the game. Otherwise really interesting.

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Really good game, the mechanics are really clean and simple to pick up but scales in difficulty. Really cool idea. Much impressed. I was sad when it ended, higher praise I cannot give.

Cool game, really addictive and could be a real game tbh. Shame you can't do more with the dog, if you could I feel like it would tie in better with the theme. Overall really good though, impressive work!

Oops must have missed it! 

Really cool and interesting game, I like the difficulty you have in getting everyone to bunker down, creating a really interesting concept of 'how many can I save?'. I'd love to see additional ways of strategizing. E.G. You could have a timer to indicate when the map is going to change, or add a timer for when the nuclear weapon is due to go off. If you could flesh out character abilities a little to give them move skills to combat/help each other that would add another layer. Overall great job!