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You are the one swearing and raging on pixels


Man you should change you're username you're not really cool

Mmmmhhh Swear words in my *Report button intensifies*

Thats kinda gay

wow nobody cares

skill issue

Im sorry but did i ask ? I knew this was a joke you're brain must be sooooo smooth

thats why im saying this just to explain to people seeing this comment how fnf evolved i know the comment was a joke

they didnt you weirdo

Nice game its sad that it cost usd because i live in french :(

nah dont worry you dont sound rude

this game is now the most viewed and played game on newgrounds so the people that said that will be duumb

Definition of Milf:a s*xually attractive woman who has children or is in early middle age.

let them some time

shut up

"Look  lois im in a slasher game!"

this was 3month ago dumbass


Another banger

This is so skibidi rizz sigma pomni digital fanum tax kai cenat xxx tenacious

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I cant wait for this to come out

so can anybody of you tell me how to buy baldi basic plus here with euro i cant buy it on steam because it will freeze my entire pc for no reason

is that a virus ?

me waiting for the next update because there is probably gonna be ytp:

nvm i can press it now and btw im on pc ,-,

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ITS OUT 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥🔥🥶🥶🥶

edit:i cant press the platy button gonna tell if i can do it now

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when beta gonna release ?

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I WANT IT THERE IS YTP WHEN IS THE BETA OR A DEMO GONNA RELEASE (please so a dev or the main dev reply this)

why even with the sensitivity at 0 its like its at full can you fix this


cool game i really like because its chill and hard sometimes

how i fell when i shoot myself with a live bullet

the first horror game i can actually finish great game 

when is beta 7 coming i want doctor reflex

what is the can i launch it. exe ?

its been 2 years nobody commented here

is the full game going to be free ?