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This was really cute and heartwarming!! It made me want to try making them for the next festival :')

Thank you for your kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

This game was really cute and fun!! I loved Lottie she's so adorable heheh and the warmest outfit ending was such a cute mess :')

Aaa thank you so much for this kind comment!! I'm so glad to hear you've enjoyed it!

Wow this was a really good take on social media and the obsession with it. Ngl I felt some of Dolly's moments, when she wasn't getting enough engagement or suddenly lost followers. It sounds irrational to be so upset over something so superficial but the tunnel vision is real when you're stuck on your goal of 'growing your account', etc.

I really loved the cute art style and thought it fit the 'influencer' setting where everyone looked cute and pretty. It made the transition into horror feel even more startling.

Lastly, I enjoyed the writing! It was simple and to-the-point, but showed their personalities well. I really liked the way their personalities 'flipped' whenever they text or speak to someone vs when they were alone and commenting on others. Thank you for creating this game!

I loved this game!! The set-up and characters were interesting and I loved the diversity in designs! The story was cute/fun but also had some genuinely scary parts (especially near the end). The art, design and music was all so well-done as well! Thank you for making this game!

Aaaah this game was so cute and heart-warming!! I loved the variety of characters and relationships as well. Even thought it was brief, I thought the writing showed each character and their concerns + relationships with others well. I especially love the final bit with Mr. Bear! I liked that both of them had a genuine struggle/concern, and how they communicated about it.

It was a really lovely game, thank you for making it!!

omg tHANK YOU FOR THIS COMMENT!! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm so happy to hear your thoughts like this;; I had lots of fun writing these characters! The story went through quite a bit of editing to get all those nitty details in place. Personally I'm not good with dragged out scenes so I wrote the pacing to my preference but glad you liked it! Ellis' backstory was too lengthy to cover in one route so I split it up. I love him a lot so I wanted to write a lot for him...

Honestly, each character was written with a bit of my own heart so I'm glad to hear you were able to resonate with their feelings;; Writing is something I'm still working to improve so this comment really encourages me! Thank you again!!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

Aaaa thank you for your kind comment!! I'm so glad you liked Ellis (I really enjoyed writing him heheh) and the art :'D I'd actually love to write about them again (possibly in a different setting?) someday to explore more for them too! 

Thank you for playing!!

Hi! I'm so sorry, I made a mistake with the code when I uploaded v1.1 but I've fixed it now! Please redownload the file and it should run fine. Also, thank you sooo much for letting me know!! I hope you enjoy it!

Aww man that sucks;; I'll see if I can upload a pdf of a comic oneshot here tho! (It was drawn last year but I just started posting it) And if my comic project actually runs successfully I might set-up a site for it that will hopefully be more accessible!

And sure thing! I'll definitely update it on :)

Thanks for playing the game!! And yes...I think they'd be cute together as well heheh

Oh man that sounds like a fun epilogue story! But to answer your question I don't have any sequels/continuations planned for this game. Although, these characters have grown on me a lot so I'd still want to write about them in a different universe/story someday! 

Currently I'm working on (finally) starting a comic project (though it's a completely different genre and cast) so sadly I won't be able to make games for a while;;

Thank you!! I don't have any plans to work on any new games right now because I'm focusing on starting a comic (if you might be interested in that, I post updates on my instagram/twitter @FEVER_FICTION) 

I do hope to do another short game somewhere down the road though!

Sorry, there isn't, you've already gotten both possible endings! I was going to write one because Chester lowkey has a crush on Ellis but it didn't seem to fit well, especially with all the things going on so I didn't :(

Anyway, thanks for playing!

Thank you and I'm glad you do!! I whipped up the bad endings on a whim but I'm glad they were fitting ^__T

Thank you!! I'm happy to hear you found them interesting,,,, thanks for leaving a comment too!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the playlists!! I picked the tracks for a mix of the genre/mood, lyrics and sometimes just general vibe for the character. Making playlists is one of my favourite past-times so I'm glad someone out there does listen to it!! I think about characters and their playlists....a lot. And yea Adrien's music taste is def troye sivan;; which was your fav one?? Mine is actually suburbia....which he never plays :'))

The tracks in the game are really indie so some of them are only on bandcamp, so pretty difficult to google :') If there's any track you want to find but isn't sure which it is, feel free to ask me! I did use.....very many tracks lol I'm very meticulous about sound design.

Aaaa thank you so much!! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game! Since you asked for the playlist, I finally went and put it together after sitting on it for months lol thANK YOU FOR MAKING ME DO IT........anyway here's the page with the character playlists and soundtrack playlist:

Not all the tracks are there since some artists weren't on spotify, but you can find them in the credits!

Ohh this was short and creepy! I loved the atmosphere, the art and music you chose was really good! Also I liked the part where you get to explore the mansion, I thought it was cool heheh

I loved this game so much!! The art was stunning, I really love how you did the monochromatic panels and the effects with the windows/lighting when the scene changed in the room. The story was also really intriguing! I loved the writing for Kite's image for themself, it really pulled me into their conflict.

Anyway, I'm excited for this and I'd definitely be following for updates!

I enjoyed this demo! I liked the atmosphere and the art and UI are really well done. I'm still not too sure about the characters, but the demo was pretty short so I'm sure there'll be more to them later, although I do adore Cole! 

Thank you for playing too! And yea I really wanted to write them well so I'm glad that came through!

If you can't rmb then that's fine! I just figured I should fix them if someone did find any :')) Also yea writing them was like "are they sorta flirting....." and then I felt like a parent lmao

Thank you for the kind comment! I don't usually write romantic endings actually, despite the genre. While writing I wanted to go with what felt natural and what I felt each character needed, if that makes sense.

I'm glad you liked Ellis! He's very precious to me and I definitely have more on his family..... I'm actually planning to write some more details on what happened in the past year plus family background in the upcoming development pdf. Mostly I wanted a space to drop stuff I wasn't able to include in the game because they didn't fit. I'd try to include a bit of Yang's background as well, so if you're able to support it that would be great!

Aww this was really nice and creative! //spoilers// I loved the part where they said they weren't a ghost and then talked about how they started disappearing? I love the ambiguity of it and that something else might be going on!


Aaa thank you for the thoughtful comment! I started it off with pretty wild ideas but as I worked on the characters I guess it came together that way? (Also I loved Butterfly soup too, it's a great game!)

I actually felt compelled to write romantic endings to fit the genre but...decided to do what felt natural for them instead. Also, I really wanted to write a strong friendship between Ellis and Dante, rather than anything romantic (Dante's also kinda asexual).

Ohh could you let me know where/what the typos were? I ran it through a spellcheck and got some friends to look over it, but some things might've slipped by. Also I'd consider adding music to the menu in future games! I actually enjoy sound design so it might be fun to play with that too...

And thank you again! I can't wait to start on some new projects already haha

Thank you so much for leaving a comment! I'm so glad you loved the characters;; I really focused on writing them in this story so I'm glad it came through! Also I enjoy sound design and the mood for some scenes are really important to me...tho I also have to be thankful to the artists who are kind enough to share their work for use!

Anyway this comment made me really happy so, thank you for taking the time to tell me! <3

I already left a lengthy feedback on your survey but...I really loved this game! Rei was a really interesting and well-written character imo, and even though he was full of flaws I'm excited to follow his story. I'll look forward to updates!!

I just finished this and thought it was pretty good! I enjoyed the character interactions the most; I thought all three main characters had really unique personalities and their banter was fun (though sometimes stressful). Of course I'm a sap so I loved the good ending...and I thought the development and changes in their friendship was cute as well. Thanks for creating this game!

I really enjoyed this game! The art and writing were really charming and I loved the interface design. All the characters felt fleshed out even though it was a short game, and the cooking was so fun!

I really enjoyed this game! I don't know what I expected but it was....out of this world. Anyway I really love the art - all the characters are so unique, and the animations were such a nice touch! 

(spoiler?) Lastly my favourite part was when I get to tell my daughter I LOVE HER. THANKS

Hi, I hope you're doing well! I played your visual novels a little while ago but didn't get to leave a comment until now, but I've really enjoyed all of them! The characters and backgrounds are so pretty and playing your games just puts me in a nice mood?? Also the main character is so cute and I really felt for her and want to cheer her on! Elijah and Noah are also interesting as well - I love their banter with each other! I'm excited to see what else you have in store for them, good job and good luck with it!

I loved this game! I was excited for the premise, and I'm so glad it was done wonderfully! The art was really good, and I love how flashy the GUI was — it really fit the game. So far I've only played Enchantress' route but I thought the conflict was well-written (and also she's, really hot). I really enjoyed it, thanks for making and sharing this game!