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Thanks for your comment!

Thanks a lot man!

Wow, man! I really liked your tracks. They are very well made and transmit a very positive vibe!

Thanx 😃

Thank You! :D

Wow! It looks really, really professional! Congratulations!

Wow! It looks really, really professional! Congratulations!

It looks like a real game!
Very beautiful  artwork. Congratulations!!!

Really beautifull work!

Very, very nice!!!!!

Wow, that's cool! The artwork is really nice!

It seems like a fun mobile game!

Very Nice!!


This small game made with Bitsy portrays the sad reality of millions of people around the world who cannot find employment. Not only do they feel low self-esteem due to the lack of money, but they are also humiliated by others who do not care.

Hardcore unemployment refers to unemployment among individuals who have been jobless for a long time.

Thank you for playing :)

Hey, that's a very nice game!

I liked so much about the reflexions and really lived the music!


Cool game!

That´s a really nice and well done game!
I had a good time playing. Thank you!

Thank you very much!
I´m really happy that you enjoyed :D

Hey man, thats a really beautiful and very well designed game!
I had to play twice to reach the goal :D

This is my second game made with Bitsy.

This game was made especially for Game Jam #71, whose theme is Fermentation.

ATTENTION: This game is not intended to encourage anyone to drink. It was made exclusively for the Game Jam with the theme "Fermentation". If you are under the legal drinking age, you are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages.

Nice game!

Beautiful game!

Very well designed!

Good !

Wow! This game made me think about my life! Very good!

Beautiful game.

Very good!

My first game made with Bitsy.
It´s short game about helping animals.


Very interesting!

This is so cool!!!

Thank you for introduce me PuzzleScript.
I didn´t know it and it´s seems to be also cool!

Beautiful Game!!

Cool hehe
Very nice graphics!

OMG!! No words! Simply the best game I've played on this platform so far!

Such a beautiful, relaxing, chilling, reflexive and deep game!