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A member registered Sep 26, 2016

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after i mentioned that i unzipped it like 7 times you didnt reply anymore... still alive?

(by the way, for me the browser version worked fine, played until i got to the council of crowns)

(PS i reset it all 3:)

found out i unzipped it like 7 times, and the characters still wont appear, not even text bubbles :( sorry to be so 'delaying'

i downloaded it, thanks for your help!

i forgot how to unzip it, so can you explain how?

i also got a bug, when i click play on the menu, nothing happens... only the menu screen lifts up and flies AWAY. after that, i see only the court, no people (im playing on mac by the way) and i tried evrything

I found a bug too, when i click start at the menu, nothing happens... only the menu screen dissapears and then im stuck at a empty sort the court, no advisor, no people (by the way, im playing on mac, just so you know)

and i have tried evrything, EVRYTHING