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sorry, did not remember the rules well

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hi, i made a demo of a game i'm working on it

it's about a ship that spins, dodges meteors, and gets coins

i mean, the point is connect a camera and shoot what you see there


is basically, you use a gun and shoot your house, vey stupid but funny to me

here the link:

you can shoot hawkeye!

no se desde cuando este juego me comenzo a llenar de tanto hype, felicidades danny (asi te llamas no?) lograste emocionarme por tu juego, no creo que sea un gran logro por si solo, pero queria demostrar mi apoyo

I don't have much to say but the game was fun

thanks,  I think it's the game I've made with better aesthetics

Regarding the key, I know that happens, but to be honest, I don't know how to solve it, but if you start farming pistachios, you can get it, I made sure of that, although, if you have few left, you can deduce that there are in the missing spaces

thanks, I really put a lot of effort into this character, in fact I think I put more effort here than in the rest of the game

It seems that most of us think of a similar idea, but this is the most original implementation I've seen (it's not much, I've only seen like, 2?) the idea of the discord bot is very original and the game is very well done, although I have a little problem, I can't get past the first level of the box, it must be simpler than I think, but I can't get the box to move where I want, maybe it's a bug, or I'm not understanding the mechanics, yet so it's a fun game

To be honest, I didn't understand very well what to do, I know it says it at the beginning of the game, but I still feel confused, I don't quite understand where I am on the map, and I feel that the introduction is too heavy, I'm probably the only one to whom this happens, but it's just my simple perspective, still, as everyone has said, the art style is really good, although in my opinion the music feels a bit stressful

Thanks, I think that Scratch is a somewhat undervalued language so I try to make it a little more appreciated

thanks for the feedback, I agree with your points, and I think I would have done better, but I made this game in one day out of boredom, and I didn't polish it too much

revisa si lo pusiste en publico

aqui tambien unois platanos 7w7

hice este dibujo de un digglet

y me pareceria chistoso, que estuviera escondido en los juegos

asi que, si quieres puedes poner a este digglet en tu juego

si lo haces, añade el link del juego aqui


Que Tal?

a eso vine tambien


I liked it because it reminds me of mine XD, the graphics are great!



What?...Good Game But...What?

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thanks, thats a good idea!

I like the gameplay but you could add an ending, the art is fine, and although I don't think it fits the theme if I like the pun of the title, I'm happy to find someone who uses scratch like me XD

haha, yes that was fun, and I also agree with the comment below

I really enjoy it, I like the "paper" type graphics mixed with the 3D environment, I feel that there are not many games that use it and I think that gives it extra points, something that I like but I dislike is the perspective of the boxes because although sometimes it frustrates me not knowing where to place myself, it gives it a good spark of difficulty, I also think that the way to move the character is somewhat strange but I like it, in addition to the fact that the characters are very adorable, I do not feel that it fits very fine with the limitation but I feel that regarding the overload issue, I don't know if it was intentional, but you applied it in a very creative way

I thought it was a good game and I think it could even be something bigger



I also use scratch! i use htmlifier to export


now that you mention it, it makes sense

I mean this

its good, But I feel like I'm not very clear about what to do, and it has some bugs like the music icons are upside down and for some reason 2 ships appear that I can't control, but I think it's a good step

here is the new version:


i can do that


I like the story, I think it's quite original. I guess the chicken is controlled well, I think the sprites look a bit strange (especially the enemy), on the other hand I don't know if the game has a goal, that frustrates me a bit, maybe you could clarify it, I guess this well, well done 👍