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Felicity Banks

A member registered Jun 25, 2015

Recent community posts

A genuinely haunting scifi tale - I liked it, and enjoyed reading it, but the binary choices were frustrating (while interesting at the same time).


On my second decision, I thought the game was glitching because the protagonist has placed the will somewhere, and then was led to place it elsewhere. It doesn't make logical sense. I gave up and destroyed it, which I assumed meant I lost the game (since I'd been told there was one "right" ending).

I'd recommend altering the text a bit so it looks more like indecision instead of a technical problem... and I felt annoyed and tricked when I discovered that the game was intentionally pointless.

But the writing and characterisation was really, really good.

Very interesting and fun game. I died a lot :) I played a bunch of times but never got very far, so the parts before choices begin started to irk me. I LOVED the pressure of knowing I had to choose quickly.

A self-aware descent into the yawning horror of pointlessness lurking beneath all things. Also, very funny.