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Nice Dungeon Crawler

Westcelery, and glad that you enjoy it!

Semi-Grid looks very intersting, nice level design

Glad to hear that!



Nice game, love it

A bit odd but I like it!

A bit hard to beat the gunshot enemy with a RMB QTE. Anyway, it's a very intersting game in gameplay.

Never reach the 100% lol

Nice visual effect and sound effect, simple art and machenics, and that is so fun. Make some time to figure out how to get the score, my first run combines many 9 beneath(

Thanks, Omelet!

Thanks for your feedback!

Maybe I'll make more levels recently.

Sorry for the bad gameplay, I have removed the camera movement

Thank you, Xor!

Nice entry! Really enjoy this game~

I beat the game~

Glad that you use all the themes! Nice job!

The grass's animation is good! I can split the water everywhere XD

Solid entry! Nice game! I really enjoy throwing these balloons to the snowman. The graphics are awesome, these snowmans are cute!

Great shader game! Very enjoy the boat traveling!

Highscore: 582.18

A great FPS game! I can hold LMB to shoot, that is pretty good!

The sprite rotated very well! The controls are smooth! Good job!

Thank a lot for the long post here!

Thanks for the feedback! Actually I designed it too hard, sorry for the bad gameplay:<

I'm so glad that you like it! Thank you for your feedback~!

Thanks for your feedback~


Screen size too small

Yes that is, sorry I do not make something way to make players to get known which face is where.

Thanks for the feecback! Glad that you like it!

Thank you!!

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So you removed this game from GMTKjam?

What a pity that this bug hadn't been fixed during the jam, absolutely, if that is, this game will be my favorite game in GMTKjam.

This game brings to me just like Nuclear Throne high loop, the enemy's number are so many, and the player could cause big range danmage to them, that's feeling is so nice. And the music is so cool!!

Thanks for the game, SirMilkman and Skooka.


Thanks for the feedback!!


Not too hard, that's my fitst time to make a full 3d game, all the works and study was on 48h

Thanks for the playing :D


Thanks for the playing and feedback!!

I'm so glad that you could gave this comment!!

Thanks for the playing! Maybe that's true((


Nice climbing

The shooting sence is so great