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Great game! Took me while to realize the font makes the 8 look like a slashed 0 (a 0 with the line through it). That bluefin  item I kept getting had to be for something tho. I finally compared it against items that I was able to test had 0 values and determined it was an 8. In other words, my only suggestion is to add a typography dent on the sides of the 8 so it doesn't look like a slashed 0.

Great pixel art for the player, rat, and skunk. Wasn't too into the rest of the game.

Why not check out the open source link before asking? It has good documentation, such as this section:

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Awesome game! The tutorial levels could use a little work.

Spoilers below

Level 2 didn't help me figure out that the doors had 2 sides, a yellow blast-proof side and a red blast-able side. What if the two doors were much bigger and right next to each other so the bomb hit both of them at once? Then the player could see in a single blast that one door vanishes and the other does not.

Level 3 I couldn't tell there was a hole in the ceiling, there's just way too much bloom. The walls are all white glare. The yellow bar seems to mean its next to a hole, that's un-intuitive tho. I kept trying to bomb between the two yellow bars thinking that was a doorway. Can you instead reuse the hole shape you used on the last level ? Get rid of the solid yellow bars in all the levels since they seem to mean the same thing as blue blocks?

Screenshots on his LD entry: