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This was excellent. As I've said before, I very much love the way you render textures. And I admire how much thought you put into everything, how intentional it all seems--most of my art is at least 75% happy accidents haha.

Looking forward to your next post!

(also consider this comment #1 requesting those pics)

It's like you reached into my brain and addressed all the issues and nitpicks I have about relationships in games, how lifeless and often contradictory they tend to feel. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out! 

What a huge compliment! Thank you so much~ 

Wonderful, I'm glad you like it! Thank you!

And thank YOU so much for playing it and enjoying it! 

Wow! I can't thank you enough for your kind words, and for getting my game out there a bit more! It's always fun watching others play my games. I appreciate all the time you spent on my little project. Thank you again!

I'm happy to hear that you like it so much! Thank youu!

Wow thank you. I'm glad you think so! 

Thanks for playing through a couple of the paths. :D 

It took me a solid couple hours just to pick out a music track that was suitable. Music does a lot to define the atmosphere, and it had to be just the right balance of relaxing and somber. Glad it seemed to work out! 

And thanks for catching that typo (not sure how I missed it); I'll get that fixed asap.

Potion cat!!

Thanks a bunch!