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No problem. Sorry to be meddlesome. I just figured you'd wanna make sure your bases are covered.

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I guess it's possible that you bought a different version of the pack than I did, so maybe your EULA is different than mine, or something. But assuming that your EULA is the same as mine, it should be around the bottom of page 2:

2.3 Your game must include additional documentation that clearly indicates the use of the Resource Pack and the following copy:

[Copyright](C) Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.
Published by: Degica Co., LTD
Resource creators: Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.

Good job. This was fun.

It's from this pack, which I'm pretty sure has a EULA that mentions that credit is required. (just FYI)

If you're talking about the music that plays during combat, it's a track called "BGM Scene6 Valkirie FSPC", from the Future Steam Punk resource pack.

I like the pack in that pretty much every song in the pack is really catchy, and I enjoy listening to them. But I've found that it's kinda hard to actually use a lot of them in RPGs, because almost every song has such a fast tempo that they just don't really seem to fit many situations. I'm thinking that whoever composed the music probably didn't actually do so with the initial intention of it being used in RPGs. But it turns out that the pack fits a game like this one pretty well.

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I mean this as respectfully as possible, but I think that your use of an installer is probably why your game still has so few ratings. As RPG Maker games are portable and fully self-contained, an installer seems extremely unnecessary. At best, people would consider it to be an unnecessary layer of annoyance for a game that is presumably only 20 mins to 1 hour long. At worst, people would consider it to be pretty shady (especially since the installer asks for administrator privileges).

It also doesn't help that there aren't any screen shots, the cover image gives no indication of what the game is about or what type of game this even is, and you didn't write a synopsis or description. So for those of us that are less cynical, there's nothing there to draw us in or make us curious enough to want to go through the hassle of using your installer, especially since there are 118 other entries to play. And for those of us who are more cynical, there's nothing there to convince us that the game even exists at all, and that this isn't just some low effort attempt to spread malware or something.

Please don't misunderstand though. I'm not accusing you of doing anything nefarious. I'm just explaining what is probably going through people's heads when they choose to pass up your game. And I'm not saying this stuff to put you down, but rather to give you advice for future jams.

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During the maze where the cactus-thingies pop out of the ground, the game lags sometimes. When it happens, the game suddenly starts using like 14 GB of RAM, and my CPU usage also shoots up to 100%. That issue made it unplayable for me, so I stopped. But it seemed like a really incredible game otherwise.

Yeah, I've bought a few things on this game, as well as on Fap Titans, and Cunt Wars, and I never had any issues. I believe I also used Paypal for all the purchases.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of problem did you have with the billing system?

Glad you got it figured out, and thanks for sharing your solution.

The rates on both silver and gold chests were definitely worse for me this week than they ever have been. However, I didn't keep track well enough to provide any type of statistics. But this is the first week I've played in probably a month or so, so I don't know when they changed (if they really did).

I'm guessing that the countdown is when the event ends. Whoever designed quest 13 was probably just thinking with his/her ass at the time, and didn't realize how big of a bottleneck it would be. Or it might be one of those things where the quest made sense at some point in time, but the mechanics of the event got changed, and the quest didn't get changed to match it. Either way, I think we're probably all screwed.

But we can also hope that the person who screwed up is actually the one who designed the countdown timer, and that maybe we actually get 30 days or something.

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Dunno. The image quality seems fine to me. Maybe post a screenshot, so we can see what you're talking about? It might also help to mention which browser you're using, your OS, the resolution of your monitor, etc. Might also help to mention which steps you've already taken to try to troubleshoot it, so that people don't waste time by going back and forth with you about things you've already tried. I.e. have you tried disabling all addons? Have you tried using a different browser. Have you tried using a different PC? Do you have this same problem with any other games? Etc.

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Yeah, this is a very poorly designed quest. They should have chosen an amount of milk that actually makes sense, and that can feasibly be obtained through quests. The event is practically going to end before we can gather enough milk for this quest. And in the meantime, there's not really anything to do. We'll barely be able to participate in the daily rankings as well, since we can't do any quests over the next few days...

They don't care about players who do spend money either... I've bought a few packs on this game, but I was still excluded from all the previous events. Even if we pretend that it makes sense to just randomly exclude half of the playerbase from events, for "testing purposes", they definitely should have made certain that the paying customers were included in the testing pool. When you've got customers who are paying money, in order to gain an advantage in the game, it's a huge slap in the face to turn around and give other people free advantages while excluding those paying customers.

I wish I could offer you my input, but the devs seem to think that it makes sense to screw over half the player base by excluding them from the event for "testing purposes" (since they seem to think that having a smaller sample size is better for some reason), so I don't even have access to the event at all.

It's actually not fixed like that. It's just that the "Combo" tab is wrong. All the previews on that tab assume that both cards at at level 1. But when you actually use the combo in battle, it take the levels of both cards into account, and you will wind up with higher values than what is shown on the "Combo" tab.

He likely recommended Lady Vamp because she has relatively high base damage, as well as a high damage butt plug. I'm guessing he likes to drop Lady Vamp on turn one, and then Policewoman on turn 2 (so that she boosts Lady Vamps damage further with Silicone), in order to try to kill the opponent's first card right off the bat. If you can kill the first card in one shot, it can prevent the opponent from ever being able to build up a board.

But whether or not they're "the best" is arguable and situational. There are other blue cards with a similar skill set to Lady Vamp (such as the Proctologist, Hippy, Sommelier, and probably more), and also others with the Silicone skill like Policewoman (such as Sports Girl, Dog Lover, and probably more), that can also perform the same functions. And those cards might have different combos, which could make them better for different situations. And rather than dropping a Silicone card for turn 2, it can sometimes be better to build a combo instead. This is especially true if the opponent's first card has a high level whip skill. And I don't always like to combo the Lady Vamp, because she loses her Masochist skill, which prevents her from being able to grow. For comboing with something like the Thinker, I'd probably prefer to use the Proctologist instead of the Vamp Lady, because she retains Masochist, which can allow her to quickly grow to a point where she's guaranteed to be able to plow through whatever the opponent drops.

There are also different combat strategies all-together, in which some wouldn't really find Lady Vamp and Policewoman to be overly useful.

My deck doesn't crash at all. I wonder if your crash is being caused by some specific card that you have that I don't have.

Mine looks like the bottom picture, but I've still never had any events.

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I just learned that there's an event going, but my account isn't able to access it. WTF is the deal with that? I just started this game like 12 days ago, so my account shouldn't be particularly old or anything. I've already spent money on this game (I bought 3 hero packs and an extra chest slot), so starting over is not really an option for me. At least, out of principal, it's not an option that I would take, and the fact that such a decision is being forced on me is pretty ridiculous.

Please fix this ASAP. I guess that while the event is going, other players are constantly gaining an advantage that is not available to me. I don't want to sound like a whiner, but I'm pretty pissed off that I spent money on this game, and I'm being excluded from basic gameplay features that are available to other people. The devs have made sure to flawlessly implement the system that accepts money from its customers, but can't seem to be bothered to properly implement extremely basic features of the game.

Out of principal, I refuse to create a new account and throw away the account that I've already spent money on. But there's also no point in me continuing the play the game if I'm going to constantly be at a disadvantage compared to everyone else.

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What is it that old accounts are missing?

*edit* NVM. It looks like there's an event that is not available to me. That sucks really hard, because I actually have spent money on this game.

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I'm on arena level 6, which describes the chance of a common chest as a "fine" chance, and it also describes the chance of a rare chance as a "fine" chance. To me, when you use the exact same word to describe the drop chance of both items, they should have a similar drop chance.

However, out of the past 32 chests I have obtained on level 6, I've gotten 31 common chests and only 1 rare chest. To me, it seems like that's broken. That's a 97% common rate, and only a 3% rare rate. If they're both a "fine" chance, shouldn't those numbers be a bit less overwhelmingly one-sided? I've also gotten 0% epic chests, but I'm willing to accept that, since it is only described as a "tiny" chance.

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I think they're all pretty debatable. Depends on how you're using them, and what you have to combine them with.

For green, in addition to Lolita, the Nurse and Trainer can also be good. And for items, I like the diamond ring and the egg.

For blue, there are quite a few. In addition to Lady Vamp, there's also Hippie, Sports Girl, Proctologist, and Police Officer that are all pretty good too. For items, I like the Thinker. There's probably more that I don't know about, since I don't have a ton of blues.

In general, it seems like girls that inherently have Butt Plug and Masochist work best for me in slot 1, and it can be nice to have a card with Silicone to drop on turn two. And if possible, it seems like Marijuana and Bomb are both nice combo effects to shoot for. But I'm not too far into the game, so I dunno whether or not my methods will be valid later on.

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I can only farm map 1, and even then I still lose like half the time, depending on the shuffler :-(

I just want to have the ability to go back down to one of the previous difficulty levels, so I can farm something that I can actually reliably win, until I get strong enough to proceed. It gets really discouraging, and kind of sours the game, when my only option is to waste my limited attempts by fruitlessly throwing myself at levels that kick my ass. There's only so many times that I can get my ass kicked before it's not really very fun anymore.

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There is a difference between "playable" and "good". To my understanding, he was simply stating that the bug that was breaking the game (and making people literally unable to play) has been fixed. Whatever graphical issues you're talking about, and a lack of constant events, doesn't literally prevent you from being able to play the game as it was intended to be played--it simply makes it less good (in your subjective opinion). I personally wouldn't have used the word "fully" in his statement, but I still think it's fairly obvious what he was trying to say.

Don't get me wrong. I completely agree that there are still aspects of the game that are in dire need of improvement. I'm just saying that you were sort of talking down to the OP, based on your own misunderstanding of the context of his statement.

He's talking about the buttplug bug that was freezing battles and making the game almost unplayable for some people.

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To my knowledge, the power of a specific unit in clan/faption wars is calculated using this formula: 10 + 10 x 1.45P   (p = number of promotions)

My question is: "why is it exponential?" Because promotions are random, the exponential formula actually punishes players who have more heroes.

What I mean is, if I start an account right now, and I never purchase any additional heroes, and I play for a year... I would actually be significantly stronger in clan wars than a person who started an account at the same time, and purchased every hero pack that was offered to them. If you only have 39 heroes, then your promotions will be significantly more concentrated than someone who has 160+ heroes, so you actually wind up with an exponentially stronger total power in clan wars when you have fewer heroes. How does that make any sense?

From a gameplay perspective, having more units in a war should help me--not hurt me. And from a business perspective, the things you're trying to sell me should help me--not hurt me. As it is right now, I wouldn't even want a new hero for free, because all it will do is soak up more promotions and slow down the rate at which I can gain clan power. So if I wouldn't even want it for free, then why would I pay for it?

When I started playing this game, I always bought all the hero packs that were offered to me, because I thought it would make me stronger, and I like to collect waifus. But ever since clan wars got released, I strongly regret it. I feel like I basically ruined my account by buying all of those heroes. Any time your customers feel that spending money actually ruined their accounts, it is a sign that you have a significant problem in your game mechanics.

Please consider changing the formula so that it uses linear scaling, instead of exponential scaling. That way, it will not punish the players who have more heroes (a.k.a. spent more money on your game) than others. I can't think of any good reasons why it should use exponential scaling, but I can think of several reasons why it shouldn't.

I think that the currency values definitely need to be tweaked. The rate at which the game expects you to spend viagra greatly exceeds the rate at which you can actually get viagra. And they also need to make it so that you can choose to go back to a previously cleared difficulty level if you want. If the game gets too hard, you should be able to choose to go back to an easier difficulty and grind it until you get strong enough to tackle the new level. But you can't really do that if the game forcefully increases the difficulty level each time you clear something.

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It *is* buttplug... Look at both of your screenshots, it stopped on a card with buttplug. When one of your cards tries to use buttplug, but there are no enemies on the screen, it freezes the game. You can prevent this from happening if you only play buttplug cards on slot one. Don't put down a buttplug card anywhere other than slot one, and it will stop freezing. You've had like 4 people tell you that it's because of buttplug, so I don't understand why you wouldn't at least test it out before shooting down what they're saying and insisting that you know best.

I'm not trying to sound rude, but if you actually read your own screenshot, you'll see that those "errors" are just stuff that got blocked by your adblocker. They have nothing to do with your game freezing, but if you're really worried about it, just disable your adblocker and the "errors" won't show up anymore...

TLDR: Only play buttplug cards on slot one, and it will not freeze.

*edit* They fixed it today, so it should be good now.

The event had already ended by the time I started playing. I just started a couple days ago.

You can safely use buttplug in your first slot, because there will always be an enemy unit on the field when your first unit attacks. But it's not safe to use buttplug in any other slot (unless it's like your last turn or something, and you're certain you won't kill all the enemy units).

Gotcha. Thanks!

Steroids says that it increases attack every time the opponent executes a combo. But whenever my opponent executes combos, nothing happens. Is this an issue for anyone else?

I appreciate the response, but question is moreso how do you grind if you can't beat anything? Like, is there a way to go back and farm previous difficulties? Even on older maps, the difficulty continues to increase each time you beat something.

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I just recently started playing, and I've reached a point where it's difficult for me to progress in the game, and I'm not really sure what it is that I'm supposed to be doing about it. Every time you beat a level 3 times, it increases the difficulty to a new tier. If that tier is too difficult for me to beat, then what am I supposed to do? Is there no way for me to go back and farm the previous tier, to try to save up some cash and viagra, so I can strengthen my units enough to challenge the current tier? I know that I can move on to another level, but I'm starting to reach a point where those are too hard as well.

On a similar note, it feels like the game expects me to have way more resources than I seem to be able to get. Is there some reasonable way to farm more viagra/cash, that I'm just not aware of? As it currently is, I can't seem to make enough progress in this game that it feels like a rewarding/worthwhile endeavor. If I spend 2.5 hours worth of energy, I can't even get enough cash to research a single combo, or enough viagra to level a card one time.

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When you have a card attack with Butt Plug, but there are no enemy units, it causes the battle to freeze. This makes the game almost unplayable for some people, as the only option when this happens is to reload the game, which causes you to lose the battle and waste energy.

*edit* NVM. They fixed it today.