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Hello everyone,

I'm very happy to announce the release of Path of Destruction!

Path of Destruction of

Play a dragon in a game mixing puzzle and action et destroy everything in the most efficient way on smartphones and tablets!

Each level is a puzzle: the map is filled with enemies, barrels and constructions.
Build a path to hit as many as you can. Once the path is ready, the dragon will follow it.
When the dragon flies, tap the screen to launch a fireball (or keep your finger pressed to use your firebreath).
The more you destroy, the better the score!

With more than 100 levels of various difficulties, reach the title of HIGH DRAGON on every map by destroying everything in one swift stroke!

Dragons have captured our imagination and our fears.

They've inspired books, movies and video games for a long time. From China to the West, from Saint Michel to Smaug, dragons fascinate us.
They are intelligent monsters, powerful creatures and majestic destroyers.
Be all this, and more, as you fly in the sky and attack villages and castles!

Be feared and dominate!

Thank you very much for your comment and your video Pebbles!

Drakonis community · Created a new topic Comments

You have comments, critics, words of wisdom, anything to say about the game? Feel free to post it here

Drakonis community · Created a new topic Bugs and issues

Feel free to post the problems and bugs you may encounter with the demo here.

Thank You!