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This is amazing app!


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Thank you so much for making the video and for the commentary and feedback!! Sorry for the late response hahaha It's also a little embarassing that the framing is off on your end :'), so it definitely shows I have a lot of room for improvement!

This looks fantastic! Keeping my eye on it too :) (Go bruins~)

OH WAIT I GOT 5592 I think I found a good strat

I got 306 :')


Really fun and creative take on the theme!

yes I'm on Chrome :D

I like the game! Nice animations and art, and I like the firefighter's remarks

fun and funny game lol

I did notice that if I click away from the game window in the browser, I can't seem to get back to the game. Not sure what causes that!

This was fun to play! :D

This is such a good game! I love the mechanic, the art, and the music :) well done

I love these short cinematic games. You nailed the atmosphere. Love the art and sound! Amazing work :)

Thank you so much for the nice comment! A lot of people had a similar sentiment! I will be making some changes to it once my workload eases downnn :')

Thank you so much! I'm stoked that I met my goal! :D

Thank you so much for playing and giving the nice suggestions! I will be keeping them in mind :D

Thank you so much for this nice comment :D I'm so happy you guys enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for the comment! I'm so happy I was able to achieve that effect! :D

Very interesting mechanic! I had a lot of fun playing it :)

Great experience! Very cool game :)

Lol agreed! I will up the antler flower capacity in an update hahaha

Thank you for the compliments! I'm so glad you like it! :D

Thank you so much for playing and giving such helpful feedback! I will definitely keep all of that in mind.

HaHahaha! It's the spring magic ;)

That's very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!! :D

Thank you for your input! I'm so glad you played and enjoyed my game :) I agree with both of you!

Wow! Thank you so much for the nice compliments :) I'm so glad it feels that way!

Yayy!! Thank you for playing! :D

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Thank you so much for the helpful feedback! I definitely agree with you, and I will see how I can incorporate that into a small update :) That's a very high score! Thanks for playing!

This is very fun!


Thank you so much for the insight and feedback! I will take that into account for an update!

Thank you for the kind reply! I feel kinda bad now for not having paid more attention to the description, and now the game hits even more deep. I can't even put into words how touched I am by your story.  :') Thank you for blessing us with this game and message, and I wish you and your family all the best! ❤️

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I really like the pretty artwork and the music! The virtual garden gameplay is relaxing, straightforward, and pretty engaging for a strategy and simulation game! Collecting resources by hovering my mouse over it is also very satisfying lol. 

It may be cool to have a little warning when there's a snail in my garden, or have a little notification when my tree can be upgraded, but it may change the simple style of the game you were going for. I would also love to be able to hide the panel and view my garden in its full glory (sometimes I accidentally place plants right behind the panel too, making it invisible) I have noticed some small bugs: the speed button doesn't seem to work in my chrome browser, and sometimes the resources won't collect while I hover my mouse over it. 

Great game!

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I was enthralled the moment I started the game! I had a lot of fun.

Just two observations: playing it for the first time, it wasn't always very obvious where I needed to go (maybe it is intentional, but it was just a little bit disorienting); and I often habitually assumed that the "dirt walls" are solid, while they weren't, often leading me off a platform unintentionally (yet I learned to get used to it; I understand this may be hard to change, as it involves changing the colliders in different parts for the same tile and whatnot).


Other than that, I really enjoyed playing it. It's very polished and engaging :)The story is very interesting and deep (symbolic of parenthood and disability, in my opinion), I get to speak to pretty birds (??!?), the music and sound effects were very nice to listen to, and the jumping and bouncing mechanics are fun to use. Amazing game jam game!