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You could say, I'm new to this vn. So, which route is finished? 

Btw, I really like Richard's route. You're really good at making it, Dyne

Yes an update! But damn, I cannot play it soon. too many college activities that I have to do. Ofc, i hate it hahaha

Same here, I mean, I love the whole romance an mystery vibes... It's different from others (In the good way)

You've got the point....

But isn't it suspicious?? When Dave is grown up, he can visit her workplace, right? Or at least, he knows where she works...

Oh! and I found this on Sal's route...

Pay attention to the last line, a little suspicious, right?

I'm new to this vn, any suggestions? what route is suitable to play first? and when did the route start to branch?

mungkin nanti, ngga ada yang tau~~

What about Sidney?

I'm new to this vn, any suggestions?

I really don't want to tell you, because it might be a spoiler....😅😅 But here it is...

I'm guessing she's the culprit because she had visit the mansion and maybe it wasn't David himself who dropped his license…. but she was(?)

I also think that the thing that killed Orlando can only be owned by someone with a medical background (so far only Oswin and Dave's mother)

But I haven't found out, what reason she used to do all these things

Emg belum pernah nyobain nasi uduk? Yang bener aja kali.... 

Plus, maksud dari bagian susu kental tuh apa ya? wkwkwk

Interesting, I also feel that rosswell is the culprit... With the purpose of making everyone feel the same way that he is dying or maybe suffering(?)

But I feel that the mastermind behind this incident is Dave's mother. Indeed, there is no solid evidence yet, but I have a feeling that she is the culprit 

Maybe Hiatus(?)

Seinget gue, dikomen ini ada yang bilang Andy orang indo, tapi gue ngga tau pastinya...

Sial, gue baca ngakak banget wkwkwk


You have to get the bad end first, then pay attention on a word that is said over and over again. Or you can also get a hint by insert a word that relates to the bad ending on the vault

oh so there are five paths... I see... Which one is the main path? 

And don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong... 😅

I'm sorry, but I think I ask the wrong question. 

I want to ask, how many path in this vn that can be played?

I have a question, when the update is release, what should I do? re-download and delete the first data or...?

Oh yeah, so how many routes can be played? (just curious)

Well that's not a nice story. But i think you have to develop your writing skills (no offense), i mean, it's like i'm reading a comic or something. I love it! Maybe you can be a good script writer

The update never exist, kidding

Nope, Lars special episode uploaded to Itch not for free

I actually want to share a picture, idk if the patron already see it or not, and maybe it'll create a new dark age...

Oh you got me hahaha

Actually, I've found it. and yes, you're right it doesn't lead to a bad ending.

Maybe this is a spoiler. So, you've been warned...

Okay, I've finished Tyson's route and replay it until i have to put a password on day eleventh path A. I'm confused, why didn't I get that part before? I mean, I always remember every password that I had input... u'know, i write it on a note

Oh, Like the patreon post you gave it? Actually I'm a little disappointed with this, but what can I say...

Okay, so for the next update will be Dean and Tyson, right? Can't wait 😆

does that mean the latest update is only for patrons?

Well, good luck. I hope you can solve it

Oh right, I got this when I cant put the right password on ty's route day 17. So, This vn development is only up to day nineteen?

Nothing too much...

is this for all routes? 

But, I prefer get the bad end first. Y'know, to get the better picture of what is happening...

Damn, it means I have to re-read ty's route....

Hmmm.... On day 17 right? 

Wait, so you don't need to get the bad end first? 

Decent, how about you, Harvey? 

It's been a long time since I've opened this comment section, and I miss seeing Jash and the gang fuss over the 'dark age'...

I read it, but I just got to the third day.....

Yeah, I agree with you. why didn't Chase come back and save Leo? 

To be honest, My feelings are crushed when Leo tries not to get chase's phone number, like it stab right to my heart....

Actually, Leo's good ending isn't a real good ending!!

And I have my regreat to I played that vn! Why the developer make that good ending like that?! 

It doesn't fit to be called a good ending, right?

Yeah you're right. I hate how the developer make Leo's good ending like that

OMG that's the good one!!!