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Thanks. How would you describe the unique style ? It may help me pitch the game

Reminds me of berserk mode. Wasn't confortable with the movement, not sure why exactly, maybe the agressive tilt or sudden stop, it didn't seem to respond exactly the way I wanted.


That would be cool, however it's a bit complicated making maps for zombaliens, so I don't know yet, but I would be curious to see what others would make.

cool, I think that may be the most important

I beat it, it's ok, definitely not great, but decent enough to play until the end. I was a bit unconfortable with the movement. I think something with the speed and acceleration didn't feel totally right. (might be just me) The first boss was the hardest part, but I found it was easier if I circlestraffed it and ignored other enemies. Everything else was fairly simple. Made me think of Serious Sam.

So I downloaded the steam demo, the save problem is fixed. The main problem I have is the game becomes slow when it drops below 60 FPS, mostly in large rooms and room with grinders (or maybe it's the glass floors). There aren't a lot of games I can run at 60 FPS, but some are ok even at like 30 FPS, yours go in slow-mo, some games get input delays, which fortunately doesn't seem the case here, but it makes charging weapons awkward.

Didn't say you were not.

Well, as a dev working on a similar game, criticisms from people who want you to improve are useful, as long as they are precise and give fairly clear directions. Like saying "this is bad" isn't helpful, it doesn't tell what I could do to make it better.

I don't really pay attention to it anymore, but maybe I should add more blood. It's just I'm not fond in particular of enemies having hectoliter of blood. You know, when you shoot them and the whole screen gets covered in red particles. Or actually, maybe it's just because alien blood is yellow and not red.

:-) What would you suggest ? For hit feedbacks I have blood particles, an animation of them screaming in pain (maybe that's not obvious?), a pain sound, some knockback, though not on alien weapons, and a stun chance, though it's low (depends on ratio between damage and enemy mass)

I don't think 100% accurate enemies are necessarily bad, at least you should get enough warning before they shoot. I'm thinking of vortigaunts.

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Apparently it's Windows treating you like you are 4 years old. I removed read only, still didn't work. I checked the folder properties again, it doesn't take my changes into consideration, even as administrator. Maybe if I move it to another place... Nope didn't work...

I'm just falling down indefinitely. Doesn't really seem to be stuck in loading since I can access the menu with no problem, restart, quit, etc... I think it's similar to when you forget to include a map in the build of the game and then try to load it. I was gonna check the output log but can't find it.

v104, the second map doesn't load.

The v102 worked ok.

The new version is much easier, mostly due to the sword being much better. It seemed that before your success depended a lot on if you could find more guns and enough ammo to not run out, but now it's much easier to use the sword and conserve ammo. I didn't find how to save, so that still made it reasonably challenging, especially with the deadly pits. Weakest point now would be the AI and how easy it is to abuse their detection area and pick them one by one. Overall not bad considering it's free.

It's one of the best retro FPS I downloaded here if not the best. I like the world, it feels a bit like Unreal. It plays well, doesn't do anything mindblowing yet, well it's promising. Some issues : didn't find how to open a pause menu (or is the inventory the pause menu?). The enemy pathfinding doesn't deal very well with changing heights. The laser is the stand out weapon but doesn't shoot where your crosshair is. Some maps are really big for no apparent good reason, like the last one where you have to disable the forcefield,I spent a while going everywhere and often there was nothing to find. Was the effect for getting hurt the same than for getting healed? It's annoying to have to hold the sprint button. At the same time I guess it would make the melee enemies far easier (they aren't hard though).

This is surprisingly hard, melee opponents seem very deadly and it's not that easy to hit with the sword. Weird that strafing is slower than running forward / backward. Of course the rogue like nature would explain some of the difficulty, though the game immediately throw a wide variety of enemies at you, while others games would start with 2-3 and after each few levels introduce a new one.

thanks. good to see the alligators react correctly, unlike on the other video. though I don't know if that's the version before or after I fixed the save. (though I tried breaking the save  and it still didn't break the alligators). didn't think it would be so hard, I'll try to see if more people have problems.

:-)  it's an older demo with a different map here, I should add the new one soon.

how come the youtubers trying the game seem to get hit all the time, but the guy in the teaser seems to never get hit?

hey, it actually reminds me of 2 timesplitters maps I made, this one with lots of impossible geometry : 

and this one : 
yeah, quality is poor, but maybe it still gives you ideas.

Rocket launcher from Lidl lol

at least it's 3D gameplay and not another wolfenstein clone. looks pretty good at first glance

I think I'll try it, it looks pretty cool. 2 things, you can destroy stone walls but bushes stop you? the 3 maps looks too similar, like it's just a single map.

fun game but the difficulty is weird, most of the time it's easy, but there are massive spikes in difficulty when some boss enemies show up

Did I miss a way to customize the controls? it was pretty fun exploring the world, and thankfully pretty easy, because, playing with wasd on an azerty keyboard is a nightmare.

I had a hard time believing someone (especially a beginner) made this in a month, or maybe I suck as a dev.

so what has this guy actually done himself?