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how come the youtubers trying the game seem to get hit all the time, but the guy in the teaser seems to never get hit?

hey, it actually reminds me of 2 timesplitters maps I made, this one with lots of impossible geometry : 

and this one : 
yeah, quality is poor, but maybe it still gives you ideas.

Rocket launcher from Lidl lol

rather make it look more like a city, with more details like roads, pavements, cars, street lights, to make the scene look more cohesive. also, I suppose you may not be able to enter the buildings, but you could have walkways going up running around and between the buildings, scifi cities tend to be quite vertical in movies and games.

I don't like the design, the buildings look pretty cool, but it looks like they have been dropped into an empty map. it just looks like a giant flat empty arena with pretty buildings as backdrop. Gameplay looks fine.

at least it's 3D gameplay and not another wolfenstein clone. looks pretty good at first glance

wow that's amazing, the car turns but you don't turn with it XD

un jeu un peu comme pubg avec des zombis? fortnite? XD

sinon c'est beau

you are aware that counter strike already exists?

do enemies have perfect accuracy?

fun game but the difficulty is weird, most of the time it's easy, but there are massive spikes in difficulty when some boss enemies show up

Did I miss a way to customize the controls? it was pretty fun exploring the world, and thankfully pretty easy, because, playing with wasd on an azerty keyboard is a nightmare.

I had a hard time believing someone (especially a beginner) made this in a month, or maybe I suck as a dev.

so what has this guy actually done himself?