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Very surrealistic cool looking game tho. I love the art style kinda looks like mine but alot better.

This game isn't finished yet it has only 30% of development so it may have alot of bugs. I don't know when to finish it because I'm really tired of it and got bored lol. I'm really stressed of testing the game and noticing some bugs and testing again and again. 

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For anyone of you didn't understand wtf is happening:

*Chiyo acts like a sociopath because she thought that the family are a bunch of weirdos.

*Mr. Vinhem suddenly got angry and turned into a vampire because he really doesn't like Hanase that much and behind that door is something that humans shouldn't see. Hanase somehow managed to survive the attack because she really can escape the shitty place.

*The family is a bunch of vampires that just wanted to survive in the human world.

*Shiyo thought that apologizing her wouldn't really work because she's a human and they are vampires so he decided to kill her instead.

*Vampires really don't like humans and they lie so much.

*Zacharie Blade is a character that will appear in the minds of a certain individual if they feel that there is hope from the future when they're beaten or failed. He doesn't really have a real name and he's just a spirit or a god. He acts very strange because he is a god. TL DR He can give you hope if you fail on something.


A man beaten by his life. He feels that there's no hope and wants to kill himself but then sooner hope comes and he turned into a successful man. 

*Zack is hurting hanase because it's her own mistake that she worked from the wrong mansion and realizing her that she can escape this wretched place.

*My own vampire rules:

- they can be killed by stake to the heart or smash the head.

- only the original vampire has immortality.

- your body goes numb if you got sucked.

- the only way to infect a human is to drink their vampiric blood.

- vampires can transform their own demon forms through emotions.

- vampires can't be burned by sunlight.

- vampires turn their hair white or grey when they get really excited for blood.

- some of them can read minds.

- vampires have strong and deadly Phantasm abilities.

- vampires can't turn into bats.

- vampires can also enjoy eating human food.

- vampires can go insane when they haven't sucked human blood for 10 years.

I tried so much to make a complex plot and I still having troubles on it.

yeah It have so many grammatical errors because I'm so lazy. This game was inspired by the manga called "kichikujima" I tried to make the player feel like they have a grudge or hatred to the psychotic family that messes up or try to ruin the players life.

This game sucks 

Story = 0

Gameplay = 0

Creativity = 0

Total = 0

Is this by far the crappiest rpg maker game you've ever played?

The tower:


Sako and Izuki finds a very tall and mysterious tower and goes in and finds out what's in it. It turns out to be a game that forces the poeple to hunt strong and bizarre aliens from outside. The players must complete all 5 missions to escape the tower or else they'll die. Sako and his party tries to find out who created this hell and why.

I'll throw this game and make a video on the worst rpg maker games of all rpg maker games