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Fateful Seven

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Thank you so much, and yes, please go ahead! I'd also love to see it when you're done! (:

Not only is this beautifully laid out and a joy to read (I was immediately drawn in by the cover alone), but the game's theme and base mechanic are really evocative. For a product of a few hours, this game is worth the suggested asking price easily. High recommended to give it a try!

I love this game!

I haven't played it yet, but I think the mechanics work so very well with the theme, and it's something I will definitely play with my friends in the future. It might even serve as a great game to build characters for other, longer games, and that's great!

I realise the game's title references a different song, but I had Tracy Chapman's Fast Car in my ear the entire time I read it (:

As a connaisseur of good bog content, I highly recommend this supplement. I have made use of the great maps several times, and I thoroughly enjoyed the advice supplied as well!

A great system, well thought through. While I have not tested it in play yet, I will absolutely do so. The pdf is well written and easy to reference, which will make testing it a breeze. Highly recommended!

The game has a great sense of atmosphere and a certain feel to it. It felt great to play and lingered with me for a while after. Beautifully laid as well!

I LOVE this system, and have adopted it in all the games I run. Putting the power in the player's hands is exactly what I want everywhere and always. I regret not paying more for it, and as soon as I get paid next, I will purchase it again - simply because this system is worth it and I love it.

I just want to reiterate that I can't praise this game enough. Absolutely in love with it!

My path was unsettling, but I enjoyed the experience. Felt the tension built quickly!