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*thumbs up*

In Ep2, are the videos displayed in the media room are actual files or are they being streamed. I can't get them to play, and I can't seem to skip that section.

Good day,

Is this project still on? Need help to get it to work properly.

Will do :) FarrajAjmi#7940

Well, I did say all the numbers from 1 to infinity out loud, so I should have figured it didn't get that far :P

It's great to hear that this project is still on going. Looking forward to see where it goes ^^

Not sure if you need any, but if you need an extra hand with the project, I'd be willing to help :)

"Dictation is a WIP at the moment. It works for yes/no answers, but not for the questions that currently require dictation, like when she asks your age."

OK, so how do pass the age test??

Oh, ok :P Didn't think of it that way :P Makes sense now.

Thanks for the reply :)

Love it, but I really wish the camear was higher to show more of the screen. Makes reacting more fun.

I really wanted to try the game, but there is something wrong with the camera contrals. Nethier my mouse no my contorller can turn the camera around. Not sure what's wrong.

Hey :)

Great game. Love it :)

I did however encounterd a bug. When the scary noise happesn and I close my ears, the noise doesn't stop at all till I open my ears again, even if the noise time has already finisehd.

Cheers :)