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Fari RPGs (René-Pier Deshaies)

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Hey! Physical copies are coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when they are available ^^

I must say, this totally made my day. Thank you so much for the kind words. You have no idea how much they mean.

Hey, shoot me a message at and I’ll send you a game key!

Brainless looks fantastic and feels like such a fun time. You can see the amount of detail, time, and passion that was poured into this small but highly thematic package. From layout to systems, everything is well thought out. It's a beautiful Breathless game, and I definitely recommend people checking it out.

Thank you so much 🖤

Oh thank you so much, so happy you like the game. Thanks for the info regarding the issue in the character sheet. I pushed a fix in v1.5.

I've just tested the files in Chrome and in Adobe Acrobat and the tables are working fine on my end. Which application are you using? 

oh no I’m sorry, I’ll take a look and upload a new version early next week that fixes the issue. Thanks for telling me about it! 

My pleasure! Super happy you loved what you saw.

The "skills stepping down" idea is based on Breathless, another one of my games. The using skills as a meta currency is something I came up with explicitly while developing TotBS' sibling game, Stoneburner.

I knew I wanted to include some sort of currency you had to spend to power abilities, but was very on the fence about including some sort of point system. Didn't want the game to have too many moving pieces.

Then it clicked, I already had that currency: skills. Plus, using them as a way to power abilities would further reinforce the need to catch your breath, thus adding more complication and drama to the narrative!

Thank you so much! And yeah, of course ^^ really wanted to make this as accessible as I could!

All good here. And yeah, sorry if things weren't clear from the get go.  If you want, Dash is available in PDF form, which is pretty useful if you're looking for a condensed version of Charge:


I wanted to address a few points:

  • I truly did not appreciate the tone of your comment.
  • Charge is 100% free and open licensed, and I do accept donations. But I don’t require or want to increase the price of the game
  • I had planned to create a PDF of Charge, but ended up working on many other things. Most especially, this.

I apologize if you are not satisfied with the current format of my game, and hope one day I'll have the time and monetary investment to allocate more time to working on this.


Tales of the Burned Stones is finally live! If you love what you see, drop us a comment below and don't forget to rate the project!

Gracias por comentar en tu propio idioma y disfrutar mi juego. Sí, es una mecánica algo abstracta, pero busca impulsar que te imagines cómo resolver un bloqueo que se enfrenta tu Firelight dentro la ficción. Puedes crear la respuesta a partir de las tablas generadoras. Esta acción trata de emular lo que hacen los videojuegos cuando te encuentras con un bloqueo en el nivel X y necesitas encontrar la "llave" para desbloquear el nivel y seguir tu camino.  Es por eso que está vinculado con la acción "Descubrir una región" y "Buscar tesoros". Buscas "tesoros" para poder "comprar" información valiosa que te lleve a desbloquear la región que tienes bloqueada y continuar tu búsqueda. Nuevamente gracias por escribir y estoy para lo que necesites. :)

La esquina del rol helped me with the translation of this message 😄

I just checked out your game, it looks very cool! Congratulations on the release, and I'm so happy this SRD was able to help you bring this vision to reality!

Hey Andrea,

So right now there is no PDF for Charge, but I'd love to take the time to work on that in the future. As of right now, the only place to read Charge is on the Fari Community. That being said, the Charge SRD is available as a PDF here and so is Dash, the condensed version of Charge which you can find here as a PDF.

Also, thanks for the ping about the character sheets link, I've fixed it to use the new url which is:

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Thank you so much!!! Supper happy to know you like the preview enough to help us fund the game ❤️

Oh yeah, most definitely. No restrictions from my end at least!


Currently, the trifold contains all the rules for solo/co-op play. I'm considering releasing a proper multiplayer module in the future, but I'd say:

  • PLAYER LIMIT: I think 2-3 players would be my personal top. The only thing you might realize is that facing Curses may be too easy with their current Strengths. So don't hesitate to boost that up a bit. Doubling their values should do the trick, I think. (where did you see that "7 player games"? I don't think I've written that anywhere?)
  • DECKS: At first, I thought about a single deck of cards for the whole group, to keep Rests in sync and all. That being said, if we boost the Strengths of Curses, then you might end up running out of cards with a single deck. I'd say go with one deck per player!
  • TEST SUBJECT: You most probably will, ahah! I'm eager to see how it goes, so please don't hesitate to send me an email when you end up playing.

Good luck with those beacons!

In the original game, there isn't! You can rest and try again later, basically. Though that doesn't mean you can't have one in your game ^^

Oh of course. So actions in Firelights are very much interconnect. The gameplay loop is all trigger-based since many action results hint at you using another action to move forward in the story.

One of the first thing you do in the game is DISCOVER A REGION. From there, you may face a path that is hidden to you. To move forward, you may need to CONFRONT RISK or BUY INFORMATION with treasures. To get treasures, you need to SEARCH FOR TREASURES and when you do this, you may get the result a curse is onto you.

The game often don't force things, but hints at them. In this particular case, the game hints at you having to possibly CONFRONT RISK to remain hidden or perhaps hints at you having to FIGHT A CURSE. 

That being said, the direction that the story takes is entirely up to you.

Hope that helps!

Yeah it was a very good question. I just posted an answer here, which I think should cover things, but if you are still unsure please don't hesitate to ask me to clarify!

That's a very good question, and the answer is: you can change as little or as much as you want from the original game / system. 

One thing I've realized with time is that the core of a system is different from one person to the other. It's really opened to interpretation. Some people think that what makes a game Guided by Firelights is the Story Deck and the map building, while others may think it's all about the interconnected actions and triggers. And the real answer to all of this is that it depends!

I have my own opinions, but I don't want them to affect people's creation and vision. For that reason, you can change the original text/rules as much as you want, or even copy/paste it and only change a couple of words.

For example, Pandion Games is remaking Substratum (which was originally a Breathless game) and mixing Breathless with Firelights to create something new and unique. 

When in doubt, go with what sounds fun!

oh I remember seeing this one on Twitter!! Super curious about it now!

Those two ideas sound super interesting, though very thematically different! Eager to see which one you'll choose ^^

Saw the cover on Twitter and I'm very excited for this!

Oh this is super interesting! Do you have an idea of why they are immortal? And like, do they have a goal of some sort as the last human on Earth?

Hey! This is actually a jam to design and publish a tabletop role-playing game (Dungeons and Dragons and the likes), not a video game per se.

That being said, I'm not opposed to the idea people designing a video game inspired by the mechanics of the original game!

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Hey! So happy you are excited about the game. Just send me a message here and I'll send you a copy 💙 

Hey, if y'all have any questions about the jam that I can help answer, please drop them below and I'll help you out as best as I can. 

Making this as a proper post on itch so that others can use this information as well.

Alright, I'm listening! 

This is a fantastic resource 🔥

This is sick, I'm already hooked by this! 😱

I'd love it if we could post a bunch of different medias (games, tv, movies, books) that we think could be transposed very well to a game Guided by Firelights.

I'll start: God of War

I do feel like a bunch of adventure games would work fantastically with this system, but I'm intrigued by this one in particular. There are huge boss battles, cool items and armors, and the idea of having a companion would be such an interesting thing to experiment with.

You turn!

Good luck with the rest of the campaign! Also, yeah I think merging this with a Souls vibe would create such an interesting combo...!

What are your inspirations on this one? Any particular media (book, tv, game)

I think we most definitely need a Metroid Prime game that uses this engine!

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oh all those inspirations sound wonderful (love Wall-E and Horizon!)

If you are curious about the thing I talked about: 

Hey y'all, I've just moved everything related to the creation of Guided by Firelights content into this new Firelights Creator Kit itch page.

This is now the primary page you'll want to bookmark when wanting to design your own game based on the system that powers Firelights.

This is where I've added a link to the creator kit document, logos, templates, etc.

If you have any questions or feel like something is missing, drop a comment below!