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Sorry for the late response! The PDF is 24 content pages plus front and back cover, so, 24+2.

We don’t do in-house translation at FHC because we don’t have the expertise. If we’re approached by third-party translators, then we work with them to get the work to new language markets. If you have any contacts you can send them our way!

Sorry for the late response. I think a standard Jenga tower is 54 blocks! If you play with fewer, the game will be shorter!

Hi Chezmarie,

We’re currently crowdfunding for a print run, which includes people donating community copies. They’ll be refilled once that’s resolved!

Thanks so much for your comment Axiom Delver - can we use it as a public testimonial? If so, how should we credit you?

Thank you! fixing that now. haha i was worried you meant on the back of the cover and had already opened up indesign and was like "wait this is correct..." xD

It is also a main motivator in where we direct people primarily, currently DTRPG is our main platform because of our business model, focusing on profit sharing. We put stuff up on itch, but that has been voted to go to a company warchest for future use, and not paying our creatives because have 6 and counting books each with different contributors functioning under a different % of profit splitting based on contribution.

The more we put out, will make it increasingly more and more impractical to manage the paperwork without expensive software (that we cant afford and would rather focus on continuing to put money into the pockets of our creators)

If Itch enabled profit sharing, we'd quickly and decisively make Itch our primary platform.

Should be available now! Sorry about that! Let me know if you still have problems!

Hey there! Sorry about that! Ill look into it as soon as i finish up at the store! Regardless of what the issue might be, ill have it figured out tonight (most likely) or tomorrow at the latest!