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I hope I will continue later on, at least to give a playable portion ;) thanks for your interest and feedback :)

thank you for your kind words and interest in my game ;) I hope I will continue later on when I have the time; for at least to finish a basic gameplay.

that's right you can only walk around, I was able to concentrate only the pixel art part due to my limited time. thank you for your nice comments and video :)

It was a very good movie and your interpretation was also very good. It was a nice little platformer I very much enjoyed playing. Also, menu scene art was amazing. Congrats :)

I haven't watched the movie, but it was a good game design example, good visuals and fun gameplay. Congrats :)

No, you are not. Unfortunately, I've joined the jam a little bit late and I had three days when I decided to join. I am not an artist; so I concentrated on drawing the pixel art rather than actual gameplay -and it was an interesting experience for me-. As a conclusion, with my limited time, I was able to complete this little part only. I hope you liked the art, and thank you for your interest :)

beatiful game. congrats :)

you can change the name of the game simply to "Chosen One Birth Name Diversifier" :D. good game, I always overestimated him. congrats ;)

thank you for your kind words Celia. I was planning to make more levels but I actually started developing the game 5 days before the deadline of the jam, so I am sure that I will continue on ;) Also, the background base photos are my choice but I used a site called DreamScopeApp -and a bit of photoshop of course- for the colors and deviations from the original ones. The site uses an algorithm called deep dream which Google has developed. You should check it out, it is very fantastic and gives really nice creations ;)

thank you very much. I also very liked your game as I said. your graphics and some gameplay elements reminds me "scribblenauts"like games -and a bit like mario 3-. congrats and good luck. I think you should continue on the project.