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Ok so I'm trying to use ngrok to expose this game's server to the public... What protocol does the game even use? I've used TCP [which lets MC through just fine] and it doesn't work. Any assistance?

Turns out NGROK does not send UDP, which is what the game requires. Sad, but I can use Hamachi, No problem. Sorry about that.

No problem, glad to help out. 

I'd love to see the reports then, as using a 32x Java that argument worked perfectly fine.
What I DID accidentally do was use the Xms argument instead of the xmx, however JVM was smart enough to set min/max to that. It worked perfectly after that. I'd love to see if I can maybe help with this project.

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I figured out the problem, if you launch it without setting your ram limit to higher than what it default sets it to, it will not let you play or make a world. Append this to your JVM arguments so that it doesn't do this again: 


What this does is set the max memory allocation to 1 gig instead of the 0.25 it was set to before. I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this annoying yet easy to solve problem. 

Edit: Apart from that annoying bug, it's a great tech demo, I'd love to see how it goes. 

Game doesn't work? Whenever I try to make a new world it errors with an out of memory exception, despite me having a ridiculous amount of RAM.

Thank God for that safe... But yes, that anti-luck part MUST happen because otherwise new players might not entirely like getting everything set up just for it all to go away within the next day to get shredded by customer demands.

Thank you for fixing that. It looks like an awesome game that I'll sink many hours into, especially when I've got nothing else to do.

A must-have for the scrap lever: An option to focus on ONE item so that you can grab it when you need it. [And stop explosives from destroying the stacks you spent HOURS stacking]

There's your problem. You don't have it looping that loop. 

Add a WAIT command at the end then hit the LOOP button. That'll make it work forever. [It won't actually do anything unless the Stone Storage is empty.]

Nothing to fight upon loading the game..? Was this abandoned?

Thank you.

By "update" I mean can we see what you're working on? We all have been looking out for a new update post, and I understand if you all are busy over the winter hollidays, but I think we all want something new to look forward to! If not, just inform us what's going on behind the scenes, like improved frameworks, or you're getting even closer to releasing an unstable version.

P.S. I think that I'm not the only one who would help break the game in 500 different ways if you released an UNSTABLE version. [And if you do release an UNSTABLE version add an internal bug reporter so that you can see what to tackle next]

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I don't see how it isn't working. It may be that your storage is "full" according to the game [90% or more {I think, don't quote me on that} and it'll call "Storage full."]

If you want the storage to be 100% full then you have a better chance at having it wait a bit after the "Storage Full" statement is called.

EDIT: Fixed my bad typography.

Not surprised. This can happen with almost any executable. The short answer is don't do it. The long answer is upgrade your computer, and stop trying to do it.

Nothing the devs can do to fix that.

There IS a patch that should fix the "Weapons not showing up on the bottom of the screen." First of all, check if you're running the latest version. If that's true, then submit a bug report, as that shouldn't be happening...