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Thanks! You don't have to do anything to make it recharge except wait (there's a randomized timer that doesn't display on screen). Also, I love those ideas! Maybe someday.

Oh cool, another game using Conway's Game of Life! Very cool game. :)

This is such a cool idea and looks really polished. Nicely done!

Love the art and the game idea!

Aaa, I'm in love with this little fox! Just tipped (on my other account by accident, whoops), and I'm excited to use this as my witch character's familiar. Thank you for such great work!

These cozy packs are incredible! I'm excited to use this and the cozy interior set in my upcoming farming game. Thank you for doing such great work!

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This asset pack has been a lifesaver for me. Currently using the alchemist, blacksmith, barmaid, and a modified version of the merchant in my upcoming game. Just donated (on my other account by accident, oops), and I'm sure I'll pick up your other packs in time. Thank you for such great work, and I'm looking forward to plugging your itch page every chance I can get. :)