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I appreciate the comment! I agree the point system is a bit scuffed :/ I probably could have improved the point system if I had a bit more time. I'll keep that in mind next jam :)

Cool concept, very interesting idea of making the longest contraction! Unfortunately, it was a little bit buggy especially when dragging the words around. Other that that, it was pretty fun!

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Cool stuff, I really liked the physics especially when the boulders go flying across the screen! Got stuck at the anvil part and watched your walkthrough; you got through it so elegantly haha

Cool concept! I was able to cheese it thought by hiding in the corner :p 

Beautiful visuals and story! I also really like the way you used the music cutting in and out at appropriate times, nice touch :)

Thanks for the honest feedback! I was going to try and have it so you can change the difficulty but I did not have enough time. I may update the game with a different control scheme and difficulty. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback :) I'll keep in mind the colour contrast for next time. I'll see if I can implement an additional control system one day.

Really nice cute Metroidvania-style game! I like the art and the little animations. I also really liked the progression in the game i.e. finding the powerups before embarking on the adventure down below. Although it would be nice to have a few pointers or hints as to where to go. 

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when making games such as the use of checkpoints. I found that some sections were really hard and it was a bit frustrating going back two screens. As a general rule, you should put checkpoints right before a difficult section.

Overall, a nice colourful game with charming visuals nice art-style. I also really liked the scrolling animation between rooms! Keep it up! :)

Unfortunately I got an error trying to play your game. I don't know if you can fix this but here is the screenshot:

This is a really nice game! I like all the little details such as the swaying of the flowers and the fluid animations. The art is also really nicely done! The soundtrack is really calm and soothing. I did encounter a small bug, though where I got negative nitrogen for adding the fruit flowers too fast, but other that that, it is a really polished game!

I will play your game, here is mine: 

It is my first game jam, appreciate any feedback :)

Nice little puzzle game :)

it broke :(((