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I actually had that bug for stars/planets, thought I fixed all 3 hitboxes but I guess not /shrug - it is what it is, I definitely could make it a lot more playable and content heavy if given time. Ty for the compliments!

Fun Fact: I actually had a navigation axis added before I crashed and had my UI controller reverted haha, ty for the compliments tho! I'm super happy with the song in particular, wrote it in 2 hrs and came out pretty nice

So the linux build actually worked? I wasn't sure on that. Yeah movement was something I actually spent a while trying to tweak, and that was the best I could get given the scenario and the time. It was pretty difficult to get a sense of depth when there's literally nothing lol

Yeah I actually wanted to add a full info UI for history, stats and potential paths, but I had my UI controller get broken 24 hours before timer and had to get back to where I was instead of adding more. Movement is really good in some ways and really bad in others, particularly the strafing is bad, and the object moving bug on right click

yea, if you would've seen my potential features list I barely scratched the surface haha, I probably could've condensed it down quite a bit, but I wanted to have something with a really wide open gameplay style, fitting the theme, cause there really is nothing, and you're the one who changes that

With a bit of cleanup, I pretty much got the framework laid out to expand it into a pretty massive game but ya know time is a factor. I kept having to remind myself that I built it in a week while play testing and feeling slightly disappointed

Thank you!

yea, there were a number of things I could've tweaked/fixed, but I was already up till 5am multiple nights fixing stuff and couldn't push anymore, it was just too much work not enough time

Yea the controls were hit and miss, it took a day and a half of tweaking to get them to where they were rn even. Also ty for the compliments on the art! This was my first time doing graphics in my own game so it means a lot

Yea the concept was really open, essentially you're the first being in the universe and you get to build it from your own energy, but you have to take from that universe to stay alive -- I wanted to add some more risk elements but time constraints and having to prioritize school stopped it. I would think of it as a more limited creative mode in minecraft if minecraft was in space