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Great use of a simple idea with solid levels that introduce new concepts well. It does sometimes feel like the game is asking you to figure out quite specific and unforgiving positioning in order to solve puzzles. Nonetheless, a cool game that has a lot of potential for expansion :)

I love this!

excellent birds!

This is really great! Thank you for making it, the ending message was particularly touching :) 

neat lil thing! 

Love this, music is so catchy too! :D

Nice stuff! :)

Good good stuff :D 

Thanks for checking it out :) 

Neat! I like it :) 

Haha it was definitely a big inspiration! Thanks :D

All the small animations are so good!! Great use of sound too :)

you'll be pleased to know tears aren't mandatory, thanks for playing! :) 

I love this! 

I seem to be having the same problem as gregormat. When I try to launch this it just comes up with the message 'RPG Maker 2003 RTP is not found.' Any help would be super appreciated. This games look awesome and would love to check it out.