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Great news for our beloved fans from all around the world.
First big update is finally available in #DiceBreaker. Get ready for completely different game experience.

Game Update Notes - April 5, 2017

1. Completely new icons for skills based on Judgement clock.
2. New initiative system which sometimes let you start fights in later chapters.
3. Full enemy balance made from scratch. Game is still challenging but from now on seeing the ending credits is not a miracle.
4. Surrender and exit game button.
5. Skins fusions are now possible and will grant different skins as a reward.
6. Dice rebalance (mostly strong buffs for passive dices).
7. Increasing chance to get blank dice from fusion normal dices.

Hello Interrrobang!

We are really happy that you found out Dice Breaker. We can assure that game itself is much better then trailer. Also thank you for pointing typo in introduction text. As it was mentioned before, we are working hard to give you a new version right to your hands as soon as possible. Till then follow us on social media and be sure to recive a proper reminder when iOS version come out online.

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Ohh, this might be a problem. But do not lose hope yet, because we are working really hard on an optimized conversion for IOS. Till then we suggest to keep in touch with us via any of our social media channels.


It's good to hear that. Thank you.

We will do our best to improve Dice Breaker as much as we can. Soo if you have any thoughts or suggestions we are open for new ideas. People like you can help a lot in learning few things during our game-dev adventure.

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We are Fake Fairy- small (4 people) independent gaming studio. After a full year of hard work, coming straight from our main jobs to our man caves, spending sleepless nights on fullfilling our childhood dream we've finally managed to finish and release our first game- Dice Breaker!

We wanted to create something fresh, funny and innovative.

Long story short, Dice Breaker is an action, turn-based j-RPG with really highly developed plot which combines anime-like storyline with pure, handmade comics, unique dice-based mechanics and some traditional upgradable items system.
In this epic adventure (with a pinch of twisted comedy) you begin as a typical highschooler who suddenly got superpowers, but also got framed into some mieschevious plot. Player's mission is to kick dozens of villain's (mostly by tapping them to death) on his way to figure out the truth. The game itself is challenging, especially fights with the bosses, but with proper tactics, items and ability to adapt to the battlefield everything should go smooth.

Dice Breaker official trailer

We'll be glad to hear from you because we want to make Dice Breaker better.

Check out Dice Breaker for yourselves and enjoy! :)


Hello guys,

Please post any bugs and errors you find while playing in this post.

** To help expedite the process of solving your issues, We'll need you to let us know few important things:

  1. Description of any issue or error message.
  2. What version of the game you are running.
  3. What version of the system you are running and phone specs.
  4. Screenshoot of bug / error (if possible)
  5. Steps to reproduce the issue(if possible)

Thank you in advance!!

Hello guys!

We spend countless hours to make this game, but we also realize that to make it best in its genre we need your help and support. Thats why if you have any suggestions, post them here so it doesn't get mixed in with other comments.

We really want to consider all of your suggestions and if it possible put them to good use.