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woohoo cool! Thanks

Haha yea I totally forgot about the boop sound! Thanks for the feedback cheers

Super feedback! Thanks <3 

The uploaded game exceeds my screen, it's unplayable for me..

Good job for crafting the story

But I saw this 

I liked the mechanics, and it was so challenging. Nice one

  • I like the originality that binary used for using the 1000 theme. 
  • The boundaries of the platforms are too big i think. 

Other than that, it's so challenging! I can only get until 2 incense. Good one tho, I liked the graphics

Hmm I like the theme, and it's challenging to get to the bottom. But I can think it can be more fun to keep players playing and get to 1000 meters. I also don't know what the upper left panel is for xD

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yea we wanted to put price labels on them, but we didnt have time to design them xD

haha yea it can happen xD

I liked the game! More challenging because I'm on a laptop with only a touchpad and keyboard xD I wish you could hit zombies with the mouse. The art is pretty cute as well. 

Thank you! We had like 10 more game mechanics, but wasnt able to execute XD

Nice game! I have more comments on the itch page

Nice game, I just wish there was an attack animation, or did I miss that? Overall, I liked the music and procedural gen levels. Art could be better tho, still good job!

I liked it! I have more comments in the itch page :) 

I like this kind of game, although the controls were kinda hard. Mouse move is too fast, and boat steer is too slow xD I do love the art and funny story tho! 

Hi! Nice graphics and overall design.

Hi! Nice graphics and overall design. I just dont know if this is the right game for me lol or I'm just a noob. I spent time just holding Shift to gain money, it felt like a waiting game xD But overall good job :) 

Loved the overall art, music and feel, good one :) 

Really good one! Did you guys really made this only in 2 weeks? If yes, then that's super awesome!! Kudos to you, I love the concept of the shop system. The art and music blends well too

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to review! True, we could have executed it better. I'll take note of those :) 

Oh sad to hear that! I mean maybe there is a better name than Special Tactics

Looks cool, movement can be better. Also I don't know how to attack? it should be intuitive without looking at the tutorial I think

Looking at the video, graphics look good man, is this going to be multiplayer?

One thing is the game name could be more unique?