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Thank you! Nice to hear that :) we work hard on the game and  will try to release it in the first half of November this year

Hey there! Thanks for your video! And apologies for the delayed followup - these weeks have been crazy! Working to make Protocol looks awesome! Have a nice day from AI ;)

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HI THERE! Thanks for stopping by :) 

We're running a series of challenges on Discord and the Steam forums, that will lead up to the launch of PROTOCOL (

You can be involved right now by joining the Discord:

Each week we’re going to give you all a challenge, and at the end of the week, the winner will get exclusive content, including:

  • Exclusive Protocol art/wallpapers
  • Unique stuff with your name on it  :)
  • Other exclusive things we haven’t thought of yet.

The most active people will get the MOST exclusive perk when Protocol is ready to launch. Sounds cool?

So, introducing Week One: THE MEME-CHALLENGE <3

For the next 6 days, we’re asking you to put all your creativity and sense of humor in one masterpiece - The Protocol Meme!

Btw, if you didn’t play it yet, you can download the FREE demo and try it on yourself :)

Are you full of ideas? Don’t wait, and POST your memes on Discord!  

Good luck and have a nice day.

Yes, we know about that. The demo has only HTC Vive support, however the released game will have both HTC Vive and Oculus :)

This demo is have only HTC Vive support, however the released game will definitely have an Oculus support. The good news is the demo is playable on PC, so maybe you could still try it.

Wow! Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback and the video :) Really appreciate that! And will definitely mind your suggestions.  (Side note, the name of our VO Artist is Michael Neeb. And yes, we love him too :) 

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Thanks for saying that! We appreciate that a lot :)

Thanks for the video! Btw, you were almost there! 5 more minutes and that's it. P.S In the finished version playing will be less frustrating - we polished the demo and fixed the bugs ;)


Updated info! We're actually making the game on Linux and Mac as well, but it's going to be after the game is released on Windows. 

Now you can download the demo.

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Hi there! We didn't plan to make a Linux version, but we might consider that. Thanks for the suggestion!