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The art is fantastic and the mood top notch.

I think some subtle sound effects would have been nice when you picked up trash, or at least whenever there's an "upgrade" for the island. I didn't notice it changing (even with the flash effect) as I was so focused on the water.

Great entry, thank you for making it!

I tried playing this but couldn't do anything? My guy started above the sub and I couldn't find a way to get in. X appeared to rotate the sub but to what end I don't know?

What am I missing?

I remember reading your original post and had rather high expectations, so to see the narrow scope of the game (just the first part of three main "stages") was a bit disappointing. The execution and writing was great though. If you ever expand it I'd give it another go. It felt like it was ending just as it was getting interesting.

I agree the movement feels really strange. I found myself shooting as fast as I could and then moving a short distance, only to repeat it.

WASD movement and mouse aiming would have been nice. If that's not your thing, then some sort of automatic movement or automatic shooting would be good. Trying to do both at the same time with the same controls is a bit weird feeling.

All the models look quite nice! Congrats on getting something done.

I enjoyed going through it. I tried a few times to explore the branching paths.

The first time through I just sort of rolled with it, without suspicion. It was bland and a bit plain. The fun comes in when trying to resist going to Home™, and you start to see how sinister it is.

Beat the boss. Well done!

Since you plan to develop it a bit more... I think some left and right movement could have upped the challenge a fair bit as it was a bit on the easy side. Also, deterrent for spamming bullets (like lowering your score) would be good as bullet spamming makes it a bit easy as well. Maybe just a slightly longer bullet timer?

Was there an ending to this one? I found the flag and the quartz and interacted with all the light blue items. Hope I'm not missing anything.

The light blue on yellow is a bit hard to see, though I do really like the simplistic aesthetic otherwise.

Simple premise, gameplay is a bit dull. The art and artstyle are absolutely fantastic, though!

No idea what was happening but I couldn't seem to get this to work. I saw the timer and everything and a "Soldier get back here" message, but that was about it. What are the controls?

I'm sure there are a few bugs but there shouldn't be anything game breaking.

I'm comfortable programming most anything but my art has always been pretty shoddy. For this game I made a point to try something new artistically and that's trying to find a style that works with my limited skill set.

I didn't have a lot of time to work on this one as life's pretty busy but the weekends weren't too bad. All-in-all this represents about three fairly full days of effort.

Ultimately I feel fairly happy with this one but would love to hear thoughts from others that have tried it.

For anyone curious I've submitted this as Atomic Thirst.

I enjoyed it. Short and simple. A bit more balance would have been good. I found the first level surprisingly tricky as it seemed you had to get just the right combination of boosts to win.

I think the shark in the last level would have benefited from some adaptive speed to make it chase the player a bit better.

Just trying to be constructive. Lovely entry! Thank you!

Worked great from a technical perspective. Some of the puzzles were brutally easy, though. A little more challenge would have been nice.

Thank you! I have to work pretty fast as I'll be lucky to get any time not on a weekend to put into this. The code is super hacky but I'm pretty sure it works most of the time!

Working on a game where you play as a post-apocalyptic water merchant.

The game will consist of two main parts. The first has you traveling an overworld map between locations trading supplies (mostly water) and a small place to resupply.

During the overworld, you can run into gangs and robbers trying to steal your stuff, which leads to combat. Combat is played out via a water pipe puzzle. Passing through green pipes is good and attacks your enemy, while passing through a red pipe means they attack you and you incur damage. Leaving openings in the pipe will deplete your precious water supply.

It's about a day's worth of work and so far I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm pretty comfortable programming most anything but really suck when it comes to art. Once the mechanics are solid I'll be putting more time into the UI so it isn't just "developer art".

Currently stuck on level 6 ("Click").

Enjoyed what I played. Had fun guessing the intention of each level.