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Created a new topic Water Merchant

Working on a game where you play as a post-apocalyptic water merchant.

The game will consist of two main parts. The first has you traveling an overworld map between locations trading supplies (mostly water) and a small place to resupply.

During the overworld, you can run into gangs and robbers trying to steal your stuff, which leads to combat. Combat is played out via a water pipe puzzle. Passing through green pipes is good and attacks your enemy, while passing through a red pipe means they attack you and you incur damage. Leaving openings in the pipe will deplete your precious water supply.

It's about a day's worth of work and so far I'm pretty happy with it.

I'm pretty comfortable programming most anything but really suck when it comes to art. Once the mechanics are solid I'll be putting more time into the UI so it isn't just "developer art".

Currently stuck on level 6 ("Click").

Enjoyed what I played. Had fun guessing the intention of each level.