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Hello! Pri the writer, here, hehe. Thank you for the sweet comment! I'm happy you like the pairing between Lacrima and Angis too! <3

PS: Your English is good, don't worry!

Asexuality is a spectrum, that's why not all asexuals are the same. If you want to learn more about asexuality, I recommend this video  as well as David J Bradley's videos on asexuality.

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Wren, Galvin and Lonan are all on the asexual spectrum (Wren is demisexual, Galvin is graysexual and Lonan is asexual) and all 3 of them happen to be sex-indifferent.

However, not all asexuals are like that. Some asexuals are sex favorable while other asexuals are sex repulsed. Aces have different experiences, it depends on the person.

Thank you so much for your comment and feedback! 

Yes, I agree that non-shaded profiles would have been better for the game T_T Since we did it for a one-month game jam, there wasn't much time, unfortunately, but the main story will definitely have proper sprites for all the important characters <3

Thank you so much for your sweet words! <3

Hello! A person who is sex-neutral is someone who has no strong feelings about sex. They don't see it in a negative nor positive way, they're just neutral about it. 

Hi! Pri, the writer here! Thank you so much, it makes me really happy that you want a sequel! ☺️💕 Yes, Panacea: Rebirth is only the prequel of the story, so we have plans to make the continuation eventually. 

Aww, thank you so much! <3 Lonan is such a sweetheart, isn't he?
We're glad that many people looking forward to Invar's route :D
Happy New Year! We hope you'll have a great year this 2023!

Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game, here's the walkthrough for the game, hope you can get the good endings!

Aww thank you so much!! ☺️💕

We're really happy to know you enjoyed the story and are looking forward to Invar's route!

Hehe, thinking names for the characters is a lot of fun to us so we're glad you liked this detail 😊🌸

That is so sweet, you're gonna make us cry 😭💘💘💘 thank you so much for such a kind comment, we're really happy to know you enjoyed the game so much!! We're definitely planning to make an Invar route at some point!! ☺️🌸

Aww it makes us so happy to know you like Galvin!! He's indeed very precious!! ☺️💕

Thanks for letting us know about the desk think! We're currently adding voice acting to the game so we'll be sure to check that too ^^

Happy to know you liked Invar and the pond!

Hehe, well, Fable Novel is in the game ;D

Pri the writer here!

That's so sweet of you thank you so much!! Really happy to know you liked the story!! ☺️💕

Hehe we're overjoyed to know you liked the art and the quick time events as well!!😊🌸

Thank you so much!! We're happy you enjoyed the game!! ❤️❤️

Hello! Hehe yes, that was intentional since you're supposed to look for items that don't match during the paradox mini-game. 

Invar will be getting a route too! 😊

Thank you so much, Hto!! 🥰❤ We're really happy to know you enjoyed it so much and dhxhshxhs your fanart of Lacrima that you shared on Twitt€r looks amazing 😭

Hehe, we hope that you'll like the continuation as well when we release it!! 🌸

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Thank you so much for taking your time to read it, I'm happy to know it resonated with you!! And thank you so much for your sweet comment, we're really proud of the end result of Panacea 💕

Heyo! We're happy to know that you enjoyed the game, thank you so much! 😊

Yeah, unfortunately the time constraints made it difficult to add proper sprites to Lacrima's parents 😅 but maybe some other time we'll be able to update them 💪

About the chase sequences, it's okay! The puzzle can be tricky, but we're glad it didn't ruin the whole experience for you.

Thanks for giving our game a try! 😄

Ashxhshxhs thank you so much for such a kind and sweet comment!!!! 😭❤💖💕 We're really happy you enjoyed it, it means a lot!!

Thank you for looking forward to the continuation, we'll do our best!! 😊🌸

Will do! 🌸😊

Thanks a lot for playing our game! We're really happy to know you enjoyed it!! 🥰🌸

As for the reason why we decided to make the game a prologue, it's mainly because it's part of a much bigger story and one month wouldn't have been enough to cover everything. So we opted for a prologue/prequel that immersed players into the world.

Thank you!! We hope you enjoy it whenever you try it out 😊🌸

Thank you so much!! We're happy to know you enjoyed it so much 🥰❤ As for a 3rd route, there are plans for an Invar one in the future! 🐦

We definitely scoped a little too big for this game jam 😂🙈 but seeing you and other people liking the mini games and hourglass dimension makes it all worth it!! Thanks for your sweet comment!! 💕💖

Hi! Thanks for playing and all of your feedback! 🌸

Regarding the introduction before the main menu, there actually is a skip button on the top right of the screen that appears after you see it for the first time. As for the reading speed, I'll take note of it to lower it a little on an update, thanks for pointing it out!

Happy to know you liked the story, art and overall audio!

Thank you so much for your comment and such a fun gameplay!! It was really fun seeing your reactions 😊🌸 Super overjoyed to hear you liked the worldbuilding, story and art!! 

For the quick time events it seems you have to click the mouse hard for the click to register, sometimes 🤔, cause you actually solved the puzzles correctly! This is very helpful feedback, we'll keep it in mind for next games that may have similar puzzles (I think I'll mention it on the walkthrough too, just in case). Glad you still had fun with them!! 😊

As a writer it makes me really happy to know you want to see more of the characters and the world!! You're right, the prologue did end a bit abruptly 💦; if we ever release this on Steam I'll try to flesh it out a bit more 💪 

Will do my best for the writing of the main story too!!

Again, thanks so much for your review and your gameplay!! They honestly made my day 🌸🌱

PS: Happy to see you enjoy the Gidget references! It's a lot of fun including them 🐸 We may put some Hummingbird's Crown references in the main story as well 👀

Thank you so much for giving our game a try and for your feedback!! We're really happy you enjoyed it!! 🥰❤

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(This is Pri Karin, yet again I forgot to use my solo account to comment 😂)

This was a lot of fun!! I really loved the whole aesthetic and vibe of this game and the art, dialogue & music were amazing 😍❤️ 

The death endings were terrifying, particularly ending 8 😱  

Also, I REALLY love the symbolism of the fear of a first interview translated into something absolutely horrifying!


Even when you manage to escape, after successfully completing the interview, it's still horror-inducing with how the MC basically has no other choice but to keep the job! 😭 

I think my only critique is that, in order to get ending '???' you have to follow the guide suuuper closely and not make any mistakes (as in accidentally solving the floors before you get the bad ending) or you'll have to re-start all over again 🤔 which can get a bit frustrating. Though, if it was intentional I totally get it, cause it fits perfectly with the horror theme of Spooktober 🤣

But that's really the only thing. Other than that I absolutely loved this game to bits!! I'm really looking forward to your future games!! ❤️💕 

Answered this one on the main game page hehe ❤️

Again, thank you so much for such a sweet comment and for the feedback, MariMel! 🥰

Thank you so much for playing our game!! We're very happy you enjoyed it!!! 💕🥰

So glad to hear you liked the UI, art, and audio so much!! Will be sure to let everyone on the team know!! 🥰❤️

"The characters are all very likeable  and I would love to learn more about this world." --> Asdhjgbsdghb this makes me so happy as a writer, I'll do my best in the continuation!! 💪

Your concern about the quick time events is totally valid!! The main reason why we wanted to add them was so that the game wasn't solely a kinetic novel and had some kind of gameplay, since there weren't any traditional visual novel choices, but it's true that quick time events are not everyone's cup of tea and they can be a hit or miss 🤔  

Your 'easy mode' option is actually a very good idea! I think for future games we could implement a way to skip the puzzle games altogether for those who are having trouble with them or just want to skip them to continue the story 💪

Thank you so much for the feedback!! ❤️

AAAAHHHH THAT'S SO SWEET OF YOU, thank you for giving our game a try and sharing your thoughts!!! 😭❤️  So happy to know you enjoyed it!! 💕

As for the ending, that's completely fair, it does end a bit abrupt! As the writer, I would have liked to polish it further but given the deadline I didn't want to risk it, just in case. For the bigger story, I'll do my best so that the ending is more fleshed out and developed 💪 

"The game doesn't feel like something made in a month - it feels like a professionally-made product!" -->  THIS MADE MY DAY SKGBKSBGKBG, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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This game is so fun!! I love detective-like mystery stories, especially when they have such a fun duo!! Alicia and Beaford have gorgeous designs and great dynamics and dialogue, I loved them!! 

The mystery combined with the comedy, the funny duo and the pixel art actually gave me a lot of Ace Attorney vibes from the Nintendo DS era!!

The last part of the story, with the twist, had me laughing my ass off 😂  I'd love to play more games about Alicia & Beaford's cases ❤️🥰

Really cool game!!

Edit: This is Pri Karin btw, it seems, yet again, I forgot to go to my solo account before commenting 🙈 

Thank you so much for your detailed review MariMel!! We're really happy you liked it!! ❤️💕 😊 

Hehe, quick time events certainly can be tedious at times 😂 Glad you liked the animation for chase scenes!!

Thank you for such a sweet comment!! 🥰❤️  


Thank you so much for such a detailed and sweet review!! We're really happy that you enjoyed it!! ❤❤❤  

Hehe, the artists did an amazing job with the UI, sprites, CGs and backgrounds and Mochi the programmer killed it with that chase scene, I'm so glad you enjoyed all these!!

It also makes me overjoyed to know you liked the intro, the characters and the build up for the dark turn!! And I agree, Nox is super handsome 😏. As the writer I have to say I honestly feel like my senpai noticed me and I'm over the moon shxhwhxha 😳💖😭 

We'll do our best for the continuation too!! 💪💖

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Aaaahh dksgbjsbg your comment made my day, you're so sweet, thank you so much!! 😭❤️  

It really means a lot to our team knowing people enjoy our games (and, as the writer, it motivates me a whole bunch to know people want more of the stories I write 💘)!! Really happy to know you liked Angis and Nox!! 😊

We'll do our best for the main story too!! ❤️ 

Aww thank you so much!! ❤️ We're happy you enjoyed it!!

Yes! This would be sort of like a prologue for the main story so there are plans for the continuation! 😊

Hehe, I had a lot of fun writing Lacrima & Angis' interactions and want to dive further into their romance in the next part!

And Nox is indeed very handsome 😏

Thank you for giving our game a try!

Jesus, that was scary!! But I didn't dare betray Melissa 😤 I hope she gets all the smooches!!

I love the aesthetic of this game and how it changed from green to red (when everything went to hell 😂 )

Very cool game!!

Aaah thank you so much 😭💖 we're happy to know you liked it!! 🥰💕

Hehe the Anya inspired troll face was really fun to add! It was Anta's (sprite artist) idea! ☺️

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Omg your comment made my day 😭💘

Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We're really happy to know you enjoyed the game so much!! ❤️💕 

The game definitely had a big scope, especially with the tricky time loop, and we've certainly paid the price with our sleep schedule 🤣 , so we learned to scope smaller for game jams from now on  💪 . Plus we had a blast making it, so it really means a lot that it was so well received 😊❤️  

You-know-who will definitely have a route sometime 😏 even among the team, a lot of us are fans of him so we're excited to make it!! 

We hope you enjoy our other projects as well! 🌸 

That's certainly strange 🤔 Have you tried re-starting your MAC? Or downloading it on another browser? Sometimes it's a weird thing about the browser, I've sometimes had the issue of itch io games not downloading and one of those two usually fixes the issue 💪 

Let me know if that works! 🌸

Aww that's really sweet of you to say!! We're happy to know you enjoyed it so much!! 🥰💖🌸