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I'm sorry by the time... Hheheh

Ehh, in the description is the solution

The Windows Version Support x86 ?

Ok. Thanks

Dale Mano :)

Ahh Okay. I'm Sorry... Hahaha

Hey Bro!!

For the Images i see it's so Cool!. But... i Have Windows x86. Could Can You Export it for x86 Plz?

Hey Bro!!!
Your Tileset is So Cool!.

~I'm From Venezuela Too~ ;)

Ok. Now i Understand. Thanks...

Hey!!. Thanks for Answer me ;)

It Works me. *Thumb Sup*

Hey!!. Greetings to all. I need to confirm a few things...

1. When the Jam Begins Will there be a Theme for the Game?.
2. Should it be a game that is created in 1 minute, or that it be playable in 1 minute?.
3. Can I Start Creating The Game Anytime I Want, Or Only During The Jam Period?.
4. Are there any limitations?.



OH Yeah. Now i See!!

I'm Using it Now for a New Game (Can Be my New Game...) Thanks!!.


I Used Your Amazing Tool For a GMS Horizontal Movement Tutorial... Thanks.

Puedes Simplemente Darle en el Link que Dice:


O Algo Asi...

(1 edit)


It's Amazing!!!

It's Have a Simple Game Idea, But... Finished is a Amazing Game!!!

Congrats Bro!!!


Muy bueno. Me gustó mucho la parte gráfica. muy agradable la historia y la idea!. muy bueno el progreso de dificultad

Gráficamente muy Agradable. a veces se siente que el Movimiento le Falta un Poco de Velocidad. pero está bien ya que están amarrados en una silla haha. Felicitaciones. suerte

Haha. Muy Bueno!

Muy Entretenido!


Good Game Bro!


Solo Improvisando...

Hey! Thanks For Playing!!!

I’m Sorry by It!. Also I Have a Question. You Played it in the Browser Version??

Hey! Thanks For Playing!!

Yeah!. I’m sorry

Hey! Congratulations!!!!

You Are the Last Winner

Hey! You Speek Spanish?

Hey! That Sound Great!. But I Can Know if This is Works in 32 Bits Windows


OH Great!

Hey! Thanks For Playing!!!

Yeah! Of Course i Will to Rate Your Game

Hey! Thanks For Playing!!!

OH Great Score!. Congratulations!!!

No Problem Mate!…

It’s Truth

WOW! Your Will the Winner [For Me…]

Great Concept it’s Fun and Amazing Presentation!!!

Hey! Thank You by Your Comment!

You Game is Great!

Hey! Thank You so Much by Your Comment!…

Your Game is Very Good!

Hey! Thank You So Much by Your Comment!…

Hey! Haha, I’m sorry for making you have a bad time… it makes me laugh because practically the same thing someone else told me… Well… the truth was, it was all on purpose, since it is a very short game.

Anyway, Thank You so Much by Your Comment!

Hey! Thank By Your Comment!!!…

OH Sorry, I Forgot to Write That in the Description. I mean: Yes You Press [X] You return to the Menu. But with your Final Score. But If You Want To Restart The Game You Have To Press [Backspace]

Great! Congratulations!!!