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pizza eating spider

Oh my lord this is great


I mean you don't have to stick to undertale if you don't want to but maybe Fresh Sans would be cool to add, like you just encounter him ? I dunno. Maybe also horrortale. I think what also might be cool is like a side(?) mystery,  you might already have that planned I have no idea but still.  Though it might not work with what kind of story you are going for if you it's like just romance or fluff or something. 

Cool, don't know how to reach the fourth ending though

Bro just turned me into a god??? But good game

oh jesus christ its a game now!!

Good game though

That's okay.

Cool honestly. Some bugs like the soul not appearing or errors when you run away from sans when he kills everyone but other than those. This is great!

Hey I like your game but also a quick question, do you have any tips for making a twine game?

This is so cool but kind of bittersweet but at least the timeline could reset! ( I died when frisk said I'll love enough for the both of us :(  )

Here's the trailer

They're doing a remake, I'm guessing it's coming out pretty soon

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Red and blue are jerks

black cat coming soon :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

almost there!

Nightmare fuel

Hope you have a good 2023

take care

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I didn't really know what I was doing but it was fun 

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Hey do you know how many characters there's gonna be?

The characters were really cute ( also the result was Cancer tho I'm a scorpio 

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My Baby just got kidnapped sadly




wait are we uh " mom? "

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don't worry lewdwing I want a muffin too 😔

Even if it was short, it was fun. :D


It's you

Wait there's one more thing that's important! :0


How do I go to the next text, I'm just now stuck

It was really good! I like it so far though I kind of got lost. I got what I needed for the very first quest and couldn't find my way back. I think I'm a bit dumb with the navigation but the game was pretty fun!

From what I see from the screenshots it's fluffing adorable, I'm so excited to play the demo! I'll update later

Tell me I need answers

What I mean for drinks is something sweet like milkshakes, I guess.