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Yeah! Let's have a chat. How can I contact you?

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. Your video helped a ton as well. I plan on adding A lot more levels. Kind of like a "find the numbers in the picture" game 

I'm debating making it more "scary", but am afraid that might lose a younger audience interest. 

Hey Everyone

I came up with this idea the other night and built a rapid prototype game from a concept about an older toy called the ViewMaster. What the ViewMaster did was let you cycle through images from a disk that was inserted into the device. So using this device one could view images that could tell a story or just be random photos.

My idea is, what if you woke up locked inside a room and the only way to escape was by entering into the keypad to unlock the door and escape. You discover the numbers are in the photos, and you just need to find them. But as you continue to cycle through the images, creepy things start happening.  And you notice you have 5:00 minutes to escape.  So you quickly cycle through the images trying to find the numbers and escape before the creepy girl (or whatever monster) gets you.

Tagline:   Remember playing with a ViewMaster toy as a kid? Well what if within the photography wheel were the numbers to a keypad that would save your life. 

Link to try the demo:

Try now. I forgot to open the link settings.

Woops! Try now.

Thanks for playing!! I loved your video  There are two exits actually. One that let's you out. The other one your at in the video needs to be labeled something different. Like don't ever go to this door. Or you'll anger katyfoo! :)