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I'm not sure if this game was for this jam I like how the trees are randomly generated. It's hard to see behind the closer trees.

Is there a windows build? It says there should be in Coulnd't find it.

The jumping feels too floaty and sliding down the walls is too slow. You should have the camera put the player in the middle of the screen more too.

I can also see the debug console.

I'm not sure what to do. I guess it's like Papers Please but I didn't know how to check things.

The art style is amazing and so was the music!

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The story was interesting. I loved it. And I enjoyed the easy levels to just break up the story.

I wish you could shoot through the spikes. You should defiantly be able to shoot through coins. It seemed a bit frustrating how you could die by just slightly touching the spike.

One time I re-spawned on an enemy and died. And when I re-spawned all the enemies were gone that I killed. Maybe have them spawn at a set place when I spawn.

Shooting with the Enter key and Using Space to just is hard. I like using Z and X.

Keep making games!

Yea, that's exactly what I want!

Thank you :-)


I think it would be great if people could make a collection of games they enjoy that other people could look at to see what you suggest.

I'm always looking for good freeware games and I would love to see a collection of ones someone has suggested to play.

I was thinking of making a little webpage and link to download pages of games, but this idea would be a lot cleaner and easier for people to view.

I'm not really sure what it is. I got a feeling of a trippy, western feel. But I'm not sure.