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Got it :) We have certain plans for a so called sequel (more focused on adventure than on brainxplode puzzles) and also making (from time time as we can) several other games. Hope you already found the Mystery in the Lady's Gargen. Also we aware of required shields economy, losing hearts instead, to get enough of them to pass islands trolls. Thx for playing!

Eugenia & Vladimir

Hi, Valentin and Adrian, we are happy to see fellow developers searching for interesting games around. Thank you for your review and comment, it's really a pleasure to know we're not alone.

ThatRPG was our probe game to find if there are any audience for hardcore puzzle action/adventure games with a lot of struggling thru "tendency to look for easier solutions instead of right ones". We found its audience to be quite small, less than 300 people in total. Maybe next time we should try more colorful graphics and less steep difficulty curve, yes.

As for third riddle you can read sign near it again after meeting the Lady and the hero will tell you how to compute the right answer. Beware of negative numbes, though!

Eugenia & Vladimir

You understand it wrong. Do-overs is not what I want. I want to do a lots of fancy do-it-mad-way things at certain points and then summarize all experience and after all do what reasonable and live with consequences. In real life you learn all your life, all those years, and there are a lot of people who help you, and luck/quantum effects. But in game you have only limited time to learn what possible. So it's not fair to make player do reasonable things without getting a lot of back knowledge.

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Then playing again and again from start is metagaming as well...

And I mean not save scumming (like reverting bad consequences), but making learn-ahead time point and returning to it as many times as you need to learn variants of doing something (not outcomes!).

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Youth said. Time is precious -- soul said.

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That Role Playing is a small mixed genre game. It combines Roguelike aesthetics with real-time Action and Strategic resources management along the Adventure mission that takes place. Also it has a bunch of guess-what-it-is textual Puzzles and plenty of Secrets to solve and reveal. You play as the Hero, who travelled far to find and retrieve Seven Crystals of Light and return back to his Fantasy Kingdom.

Desprite intentionally simplified graphics (but with smooth appearing animations) it contains really good music and sounds effects, and also a special kinesthetic sense to every movement and action.

You may get it here:

I wouldn't call it normal saves. It is definitely not friendly way to experiment in many (lots of) ways.

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No normal saves = no good way to experiment (not cheat) = no deep knowledge = no way to get good long term knowledge like in real life (for new players) = no wish to play. Period. Change this, please. Game depth is great, but game is inaccessible for permadeath haters.

Great! But somewhat less smooth scrolling than could be done...